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pawl's ultimate guide to cheap Warhammer


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Oh, my. Good article.


Would add sections about purchasing armies instead of individual units, trading with people you know, and splitting boxed sets.


Knowing people in your community might be the best way to save on models. At various times, people I've known have been willing to sell armies cheap because they want to get out of the hobby or need money to deal with a real life crisis. It pays to trade contact info at random pick up games, I've gotten calls out of the blue from people I hadn't spoken to in years willing to take any offer.


The thing about buying armies: you get used models, but you're paying 20% - 30% of retail for taking the lot. Assuming you can use all of it, that's the biggest discount you can get.

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Stocking up on bits is worth it as well- sometimes eBay bits lots can get you whole models and lots of useful stuff for converting. As long as you stay firm and don't over-bid, you can wind up with a lot of bits that can personalize your army. 


I managed to make an entire DA army pretty much from bits buys- it took longer than just buying full sprues, but I spent about a third of retail price and have some unique models that I would never have got otherwise.

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