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Grim Repast


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Not sure if anyone else has attempted this. It’s a little cliche, I will lift it read a few chapters and then not pick it up again for a week. It kind of feels like I’ve already read it.

I still have an appetite for crime and I want to get running with a detective beyond one story. Zidarov still has me wanting more, this guy not so much. Some cool expansions on the interweb thingy which is probably required in 40K generally, given current tech in our world.

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I really enjoyed it. For me that makes three really good novels for WHCrime. IMO this was a really strong debut novel. It had some great world building and was a good procedural detective story. The pay off is nice too. There was an underlying sinisterness to the whole thing. That the world is not what it seems (even though this is 40k).


While it does mark three Probator novels (we DO need a different protagonist now) I felt this book spent a lot more time focused on the character and his inner demons as opposed to a page turner plot.

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I went looking for this thread having just finished the book and was surprised that there hadn't been much comment on it - so, hopefully, we can start a bit of discussion on this front!


I have to say, I really enjoyed the book: a wonderful blend of Crime and - in my mind, horror, too - which made for a refreshing read. Drask's backstory (and I suppose then, his motivation) worked well in a typified 'tortured-soul' narrative, whilst also linking in with some of the intriguing historical elements related to settlement within the setting. 


The whole 'cult' angle was well-realised, and suitably creepy - and the supporting cast added believable depth to his mission. I hope we'll see more of them - Barnabus and his henchmen and the gangers in particular - in future too.


I imagine we'll see more of Drask based on how we left things - which is great!





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Marc Collins did exceptionally well keeping up the tension and adding pulling Crime more into the Horror spectrum.

I wonder what the repercussions for Crime on the whole will be, looking at some of the deep lore on Varangantua and Alecto.

....truth be told, I was actually very disappointed to see Marc's name on the upcoming Helbrecht Characters novel - sure, he did Templars before, but... it's not Quillon. I was hoping we'd get another short in the next anthology, but tough luck, he isn't in it.

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