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Idaho's Shadowkeepers - Theme and Armylist

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I'm intending to build a list that is very much in theme for Shadowkeepers. The way I see it, they would have heavily armoured warriors like Allarus Terminators and Dreadnoughts to help restrain escapees from the Vaults, Jetbikes to run them down and Sisters of Silence to supress the nefarious beings from the Warp.


On that basis here's the list I've came up with using the Chapter Approved points leaks:


Shieldhost - Shadowkeepers


Allarus Shield Captain

• Spear


• Warlord Trait - Lockwarden

• Victor of the Blood Games - Champion of the Imperium

Bane of Abominations


Knight Centura


Oblivion Knight


Custodian Guard (×5)

• 3 Spears

• 2 Shields


Sagittarum (×3)


Prosecutors (×8)


Allarus Custodians (×5)

• Spears (all)


Contemptor Achillus

• 2× Twin Adrathic Destructors


Contemptor Galatus


Vertus Praetors (×3)

• Salvo Launcher (all)


Witchseekers (×10)


Telemon Dreadnought

• Caestus

• Arachnus Storm Cannon

• Eternal Penitent


Total = 1990pts


So the idea is the most aggressive elements put pressure on opponents early, with 3 Melta missiles from darting obscuring terrain followed by a charge as soon as possible from the Dawneagles.


Likewise the Dreadnoughts advance up the table together and put fire and charge threats on units.


Note the Prosecutors were filled up with the points left over. I'm happy for them to be a minimum sized squad otherwise. The extra numbers helps the unit last holding an objective anyway.


Now some of the biggest fun and theme is the Witchseekers/Knight Centura combo. They are designed to run up the board and flame something early game, with a 6" pre-game move, 7" move, D6+1 advance and 12" shooting attack. Who will target them when there's Dreadnoughts, Jetbikes and Custodians coming for you eh? Well maybe someone will, but then the Bikers will stay alive longer...


Ideas to drop stuff include the Knight Centura and Witchseekers for a Dawneagle Shield Captain with another Salvo Launcher but that's not quite as fun as the Witchseekers. Plus they provide numbers that can hold objectives too. Plus they're another Null unit. Plus fun.

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Got some questions strategically, if you fine people would be so kind:


The Witchseekers combination with a Knight Centura... should she have the crucial capacity to charge to help push models off of objectives, thus using a Greatsword?


Or would she be better off using Excruciatus? It's a nice weapon but only kills a few 2 wound models a turn at best.

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Nothing like turning a problem into an opportunity :biggrin.:


Thanks. The red is simply Khorne Red (Red Gore equivalent from the old days I guess) but I wash the whole model with Nuln Oil Gloss. Obviously I miss the gems and blades, but everything else gets a decent coat.


Hope you get better soon.

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Thanks. It's simply Khorne Red (Red Gore previously) and Nuln Oil gloss. Which I love by the way!




So I'm thinking of getting a Rhino for the Witchseekers. They die very easily otherwise, but it does feel like I'm throwing good points after bad at that point. I mean, 9 plus the Knight Centura is potentially a powerful combination to hit an infantry squad, but now we're looking at a solid points investment.

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