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Martial Ka'tah questions

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Disclaimer: I don't have the Custodes codex yet in my possession, and the articles I read about the Ka'tah's appear to be either contradictory or incomplete. 


Wording question - primary, secondary and tertiary katah - how flexible is this choice? Once you say primary will be callistus, secondary dacatarai and tertiary kaptaris, can I elect to say to use dacatarai first and then in round 2 I can use callistus? Or do you have to start in callistus turn 1 for instance?


It is my understanding that you choose three stances (for instance callistus, dacatarai and kaptaris). Then for each stance you choose, you have to start from stance 1 of that stance (e.g. callistus) before either disregarding the stance completely (e.g. moving from callistus > dacatarai stance 1) or moving to that next progression of the same stance you are in (callistus stance 1 > 2). Correct? 


Then there are the specific perks of choosing a shield host. Then I see they have stances as well and I wonder how does that play out to the above? Is that something they get on top of it, or is that something they choose to get instead of the progression outlined above? And then if I choose to use that stance, is it for the entire game, or for that round? And then does every unit with the SHIELD HOST keyword get it, or just a specific unit you pick that benefits from it?


That's all the questions so far, but I suspect there will be more to come as soon as I think of them. Thanks :)



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When you choose primary, secondary and tertiary, you can't change...or only with Battle Master skill 1.


Second point now.


You chose ka'tah :callistus, dacatarai and kaptaris.


Each Ka'tah have 2 stances (1 and 2)


On first command phase, your primary Ka'tah is actived, but you can chose stance1, or stance2.

Exemple : primary Ka'tah, stance2.


On second command phase, you can chose your primary Ka'tah but only stance inactive on previous command phase : primary Ka'tah, stance 1.


You can chose secondary Ka'tah, stances 1 or stances 2.


But, you loose your primary Ka'tah stance 1.


Shield-ost Ka'tah now.

If you choose this Ka'tah, stance 1 AND 2 are active during 2 round...bécasse, on one command phase u choose shield-ost Ka'tah stance 1 (but stance 1 and 2 are active)

And on next command phase, u choose thé second stance (but stance 1 vand 2 are active bécasse they are shield-ost Ka'tah)




I hope it help u.


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Let's see if I understood this correctly.. again assuming I chose Callistus for primary, Dacatarai for secondary, Kaptaris for tertiary. 


So these would be my options, per round?


Turn 1 Command Phase: Callistus 1/2, Dacatarai 1/2, Kaptaris 1/2 (Let's assume I chose Callistus stance 2). 

Turn 2 Command Phase: Callistus 1 or Dacatarai 1/2 or Kaptaris 1/2. (Let's assume I chose Dacatarai stance 1). 

Turn 3 Command Phase: Dacatarai 2, Kaptaris 1/2 (Let's assume I chose Dacatarai Stance 2). 

Turn 4 Command Phase: Kaptaris 1/2 (Let's assume I chose Kaptaris 2)

Turn 5 Command Phase: Kaptaris 1 (No other Ka'tah's left). 


Is that the correct way to play this?


For the Shield Host stances - do those traits replace the existing stance selected for that phase or does it overlap with the current selected stance? And does it apply to the one unit, or the entire army, throughout the whole game, or for the round, or for the phase?

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Mmmh...no ^^


Primary : Calistus, Stance 1, stance 2.

Secondary : Dacataraï, stance 1, stance 2.

Tertiary : Kaptaris, stance 1, stance2.


Turn 1 command phase : calistus. Stance 1 or stance 2.


Turn 2 command phase : you can stay Calistus, stance inactive on turn 1.


you can choos secondary Ka'tah : dacatarai : stance 1 or stance 2 (in this choice, you loose Calistus stance inactive on T1 command phase.


Turn 3 command phase :you can stance dacatarai, stance inactive on T2 command phase.


You can choose tertiary Ka'tah: Kaptaris, stance 1 or stance 2 ( you losse dacatarai inactive stance on T2)



For shield-host, all stances are active on turn you choose to apply this Ka'tah.


Exemple, Dread Host Ka'tah is Dacatarai.

You play dread host.

You want to apply dacatarai on secondary katah.

On turn 1 and 2 you apply primary katah stance 2, and stance 1.


On Turn 3 command phase you activate our secondary Ka'tah : dacatarai...is your host katah. You apply stance 1 AND stance 2 this turn.


On turn 4 command phase : you can activate inactive dacatarai stance, but, because is our host katah, all stances are active ( for à second turn)


On turn 5 and 6 you must take tertiary Ka'tah.


Ka'tah are only for unités with Ka'tah Martial keaword (vehicles/dreadnought dont have this keyword). But for all army.

Standard Ka'tah : 1 stance is active for 1 turn.

Shield-host Katah : 2 stances are active for 2 turn (only if you choose this Ka'tah)

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Ah thank you, thank you! Now I get it, I think.


So the primary ka'tah works only T1/T2, secondary ka'tah T2/T3, tertiary ka'tah T4/T5. Feeling a bit dumb that the names - primary, secondary and tertiary didn't alert me to that sequence. And just double-checking again, whatever shield host you pick, the ka'tah they prefer is that one gets empowered as long as it's active? And the effect is army wide as long as they have the correct shield host keyword?


Putting the above into practice, so if Callistus was my primary stance, and my shield host was solar watch, then T1/T2 the Callistus stance would get empowered as Callistus is the Solar Watch preferred fighting style? 


Now there were some instances where a unit could benefit from both stances (non-shield host specific one) for any Ka'tah. How does that happen?

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Well you could march through the Ka'tahs and use the tertiary one turn 3. Circumstantial to your needs at the time really, I mean I've blown 11 CP end of turn one before.


If you need 1 unit to benefit from a specific Ka'tah, consider if it's worth giving them the Strategum to do so.

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This is actually fairly useful for when I actually read my codex

GW rules writing has left a lot to be desired for this edition IMHO.

At least now when trying to stay awake while reading the rules I have idea of what should be going on :tu:

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