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[Speculation] Interrogator! - Could this mean models+codex?

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This could be the WH+ I've been waiting for... Gritty, and Inquisition flavour in an ongoing series.


Now if Interrogators are junior Inquisitors... Wouldn't it make sense to release a model of one? Maybe as WH+ promo?


And if so... Doesn't there need to be a book to put it in?


Might the Inquisition finally be  =][= REDACTED =][=

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=][= @ThePenitentOne In future please link or describe the actual content you mention, as per the rules of the NRBA that you agree to by posting here.


As it stands, you've framed the discussion as a speculation on whether the Inquisition will get a new model or codex because they are getting a WH+ show (no) so this disucssion is more appropriate for the Inquisition section of the board, where it will be sent. =][=

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Cool- thanks for the heads up Xenith.


So yeah, I truly miss the Elite Inquisitors from the "Hunter" era. I did not know that Interrogators were junior Inquisitors, but Wade the Loremaster himself confirmed that in the stream. So if they did make an Interrogator model, it would fill the same role as those Elite slot Inquisitors of old. This would allow GW to keep the text "Only one Inquisitor per detachment" and still round out the list a bit and fill a needed niche.


Release a single model (multi-build is best of course) so that you can create the datacard and drop it into a campaign book (along with Crusade content for the Inquisition). The fans will, of course, convert dozens of wonderful Blanchitsu-style renderings of said Interrogator.


I had wanted to do somethingg similar in proposed Inquisition hot-fixes, bumping the profile of character Acolytes to allow them to fill this role... But an Interrogator would be way better.

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I absolutely wish there was a chance of that happening. I don't believe it for a second though. GW has a long history at this point of releasing cool models for inquisitors and then doing all of nothing with them rules wise. I'm not sure why but GW is content to not have the inquisition on the tabletop.

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What I'm hoping is it's a matter of taking the time to get it right. 


It's really stupid easy to bump the playability of Inquisitorial Detachments, and there are so many ways to do it- scions, voidsmen, acolytes to troops with a unit size of 5-10, vehicles native to the Inquisition list... Any ONE of these things would be a vast improvement; any combination of them would be even better.


Imperial Agents rules for Inquisition are pretty solid, but we saw with the Rogue Trader rules update Voidsmen being able to be added as Agents IN ADDITION to their RT boss- that would be HUGE if that was granted to Inquisition.


But as much as any of these options WOULD be a vast improvement, I think GW might actual WANT to do better. Using Kill Team to make that happen is one way they could do this- heck, really good KT rules for them might even be enough to satisfy me. But porting some of that content back into 40k in addition to the stuff above? Exquisite!


Crusade on top of that? Brilliant!


BUT, to be fair, I DO see the barriers to this development; if you want really good content that doesn't feel generic, you almost need to make separate custom Kill Teams and separate Crusade paths for each of the Ordos. Back in the days of the unfinished "Hunter" days the Hench that could be included and the equipment that could be used varied dramatically between the Ordo Hereticus and the Ordo Malleus, and that was fluffy as heck. Sure, you could make a generic list of hench and equipment and trust players to do it up right... But that might lead to a "too-generic" feel.


And then, the story paths for Crusade or Spec-Ops for KT- making those generic, I think could be even harder. 


I know it's a pipe dream too- don't get me wrong. It's just what I keep telling myself to maintain a positive outlook.


Still looking forward to watching Interrogator in WH+ though.


The art style seems fairly basic... but if the writing and the voice acting is good enough, that won't be a huge barrier for me.

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I'd definitely like an inquisition revamp but currently interrogators come under acolytes, presumably the ones with fancier gear?


But yeah, a kill team like the rogue trader box bringing back the former units consolidated into Acolyte would be baller :)

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I would love to have the Inquisition get some expanded slots- Interrogators as Elites, Acolytes moved to Troops (and given less weaponry, maybe 2 special weapons for every 4 members), etc...

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