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Shadowkeeper colorschem by Woden

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Hello all fellow custo brother !

This year 2022 follow the golden light of the golden throne with a new project : Custodes army.


I'm a Space Wolves and Admech (full 3D print with Maker Cult STL) player for a wild and like I've less time to paint, I've choose Custodes as my new army project.

I've a distant view of what I want to play (still learning and list building) but shadowkeeper colorschem is my fav, paint all in gold will boring me so I've skiped it directly.


There is my current stuff paint and more are coming !


Blade champion (or wizard) :








Allarus Custodians : still in WIP (I've magnetised weapon and arm for Vexilus Praetor)


More mini incoming with :

  • Custodian guard
  • Sister of Silents
  • Vertus Praetor

Hope you like it and see ya soon for next pictures !

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Thanks all ! It's cheerfull to see my fellow custobrother pleased by my work :smile.: 

I've just finished my 3 Allarus :


I start to have an idea of my list :

Emperor Chosen :

Trajann (WL)
Bike sheild captain : (fallback + charge) + FNP 5++/Emperor Chosen trait + bike relic
Blade Champion : Eagle eye + Duelist

2x3 guard (1 sword/sheild and 2 spear)
2x5 prosecutor

4 allarus
1 allarus vexilus : castellan
1 dread galatus (eternal)
2x1 allarus

2x3 vertus : one unit with servo laucher and the other with bolter



Now, I like the Coronus or Galadius for some fire support so currently, I don't really know where I'm going !

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Yeah, bases are on the way, I don't have time to do some good bases so I'm printing it by a friend, like that I've just to paint them (gogo airbrush + oil wash + dry brush !)

I don't know, I just love FW models, they are just to badass so in any case, I think I'll try some variant build with galatus or achillus, venatari or tank.

In all case, I'll use Valdor model as proxy for Valoris, even if Valoris have some classe, Valdor surpass him in any case !

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Today was my first ever game with Custodes against IG on incusion format, I was running with that list on mission 11 (layout WTC mission 12 table 7)



Emperor Chosen :

Trajann (WL)
Blade Champion : Eagle eye + FNP 5+/Empror Chossen trait)

2x3 guard (1 sword/sheild and 2 spear)
1x5 prosecutor

2x1 allarus

1x3 vertus : servo laucher


It was a massacre, on trun 3 IG player conceded because he only left 10 guards, 1 tauroc and commissar, and I've only lost wound on 3 units xD ...next game will be against sista or BT

As my Allarus were done, so I've managed to start my Prosecutor with priming and zenithal :


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Update here, I've finish my Shadow Throne box ! It's time to build my guards !

There is some picture of my Prosecutors






Little family picture of all box :




And now, my new start with my first box of Custodian guard !




Can't wait to finish them to see how they look !

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