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My Sisters


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So I've decided on sisters for my new Armies on Parade entry this year. I won my local competition with my Death Guard a few years ago and wanted to try again.

I have painted some sisters in the past year or two in my own scheme but just wanted some advice on whether to stick with the scheme or start from scratch with a new colour palette.

Should say I'm a painter and not a player so I probably don't have a 'legal' army yet and I haven't painted any particular Order.

These are my current sisters;






So I bought these;


And these are my very quickly painted test models for my final choice colour scheme (please ignore the eye lenses, rushed)


So any advice or opinions are welcome.

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I appreciate the comments, thank you.

Added an old style Immolator to the gang;


And some different angles;



(Also, if anyone has the power to remove the ridiculous apostrophe from the title of this thread I'd appreciate it)

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Love the blue and red combo. That shade of blue reminds me of the renaissance works of Mary, in the blue habit. That shade really suits the Sisters to a tee. Those paragons are awesome; imposing but heroic, rather than an aggressive posing. I think that in-universe, these Sororitas would find themselves being used in every propaganda pic, due to their regal stature and striking colour palette. Well done!
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