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Sonic Cleaner Guide


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So I've seen a few questions about sonic cleaners and back in the day I posted on here to show how mine works but I thought I would update that with new pics if anyone is interested.

This is basically just 2 eight minute sessions followed by a light scrub with a toothbrush under a cold tap.
Whole process takes about twenty mins.

I used to use Fairy Power Spray as the liquid but they changed the recipe years ago so I go with isopropanol alcohol now which is just as good.

For this show I picked a couple of recent plastic sisters, an old plastic dark eldar, a very old heavily painted Lorgar Grimnar (?) and an old metal crusader with a thick black undercoat.
I have also used this on resin too with equally good results.

On with the show;



And the end result. Nearly good as new and certainly good enough to undercoat and paint again from scratch;

I hope this helped anyone considering getting one and any questions feel free to ask.

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