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Wargear Options


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Looking at Intercessors, I think I have the order and rule correct, but let me run it by the group -


Third bullet - If the Sgt doesn't have a Chainsword , Power Sword, Powerfist, or thunder hammer, he can trade his bolt weapon for a hand flamer, plasma pistol, chainsword, or powersword.


Fourth bullet - If the Sgt doesn't have a Chainsword or Power Sword, he can TAKE a chainsword, powersword, power fist, or thunder hammer.


So, my Sergeant trades his bolter for a Plasma pistol. Now he has a plasma pistol AND a bolt pistol, and NOW he can take a CC weapon from bullet 4.


So the model can dual wield the pistols and have a hammer or powersword, etc. at his hip.


Also, if I don't trade my bolter variant for anything, I can still take the fist, so  my Sgt could wield the Auto Bolt Rifle and have the fist for CC.


Now, THIS is why I am concerned. I have always believed (through reading on forums mainly) that the wargear options are followed in order, top to bottom. But in this case it doesn't make sense in a way. Bullet three says the model can't be equipped with the power fist or thunder hammer to meet the requirements, but those options aren't available until the fourth bullet, so why specify that before you can take them?


So, am I reading the rules correctly, and applying them appropriately?

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The wargear options are not sequential. I've never seen anything that says they are.

Simply put, 3 lets you trade your bolt rifle for a melee weapon or pistol. 4 lets you take a melee weapon. But you still have to meet the requirements for them. If you give him a power fist, then he no longer meets the requirements to have a plasma pistol. 

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