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New Renegade Knights


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On 4/5/2022 at 9:04 PM, TheNewman said:

I went from "I have one Knight to soup with my Daemons and no interest in anything further" to "I want that launch box" to "oooh, Squats!" to "I want two of that launch box" waaay too fast for my own good.

I got a chuckle out of rereading this thread, where I finally landed was on "wow I don't like the new Daemon codex much, think I'll put them up at the next swap meet and use the money to fill out Knights."

Their inaugural match was into DG.  Probably one of the most enjoyable games of 40k I've ever played, one of the very, very few games I've played to still be in contention on turn 5.

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Yeah, Chaos knights are pretty good this itteration - while scoring can be challenging, they can really hand out the hurt and are pretty durable.  I'm likely to swap to them too as my main army for the rest of this edition, though for me its more because I like playing better than my chaos space marines as my demons really in a position to offer interesting games.

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