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Secondaries for Adeptus Custodes

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Signed up for my first GT in June and was wondering what secondaries everyone has been taking for their Custodes armies.


I work away from home a lot so will likely only get one or two practice games in with the new book. I've had a look through the Codex and the GT2022 pack but nothing seems glaringly like an auto include. I appreciate some of it will be mission specific.


Have been looking at Stand Vigil from the codex depending on how many mission objectives there are. And also potentially Might of Terra, but I feel this could be swingy depending on how well the rest of the game is going.


Anyone got a secondary that they always take?

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There's a lot of variance but Assassination is good if the opponent has 5 characters, which many opponents do have. Custodes kill characters quite easily generally.


Against Tau and Harlequins we have to adjust the game to be more savvy. Going toe to toe with them is unlikely to yield massive casualties in our benefit. Think objectives like Engage on All Fronts as a way to drag points out of grinds like this, using obscuring terrain where possible.

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I hadn't thought about Engage on All Fronts. I guess if invest in bikes it should be fairly easy to achieve.


I'm only just starting to formulate plans with our new book. The loss of the Double shoot strat and the Vexilla teleport Homer really took me back for a while. Bit there's been lots of good stuff added too.


Have you had any success with the specific ones in the Codex?

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