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Scourge: what is the waist wrap thing supposed to be?

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I always thought it was cloth. Wyches have the same stuff. I personally found them awkward to paint on the edges because they aren't super defined,just a raised bit on their legs/crotch

Same....so I did them...but I don't really like the way they look or the modeling of it. Looks forced and awkward to me:


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as stated, I'm pretty sure it is Flayed skin trophies that are hung from their waists.... I too will be painting it as my Saim-Hann Craft world specific coloured Cloth :sweat:  a much more less brutish cloth choice... :biggrin.:  



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With the wyches I just painted, I picked a low contrast colour for the cloth. What it did for me was to make it clear that I had picked out the detail, but not so sharply that it looks awkward. The muted contrast leans into the lack of sharpness on the sculpt.


None of the pics in my gallery are zoomed in close enough to demonstrate what I'm talking about. I'll try and take a few more pics tonight after I finish my Archon painting session.

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Being a true covens player, I would chime in and say it is worn skin from our enemies. :D


The lore says that when Scourge get their wings put on, they visit their local Haemonculus to construct the wings onto their torso.


Also, sorry for not being active, I've just been busy with other stuff. :)

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