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The 369th Battalion

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I've had an iron warriors army for around 18 years now. Building it up edition by edition and then replacing it as new models came out.


With the launch of 30k in plastic I felt it was time to re do the legion again for the umpteenth time


Starting up with something that's been sat on my shelf for quite a while now








It's a bit blotchy in areas due to me messing up the powder ratio but looks pretty ok from tabletop distance

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It must be my work Computer... The Link!, it does nothing!! :sad.: ...  I will just use my imagination based on what others have said here...  fantastic... :woot:

Gotta ask, Why do people not simply use the B&C's free pic Albums.... <shrug>... ???



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Well well well 


The sites back up and the 30k box has dropped.


I've been plodding along getting things built rather than painting but splashed some paint down on this chap this evening as a test for my newest version of painting the IVth




The Warsmith Nachtstein reborn into a modern version.


Centurion Nachtstein was my original hq option when I got into the heresy being a delagtus consul made out of the chaplain from BaC. Over the years he got knocked six ways to Sunday and in every game he was in but stubbornly refused to die once. I've decided he needs a bit of an upgrade now and his original model is going to get a rework as well.


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