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The 369th Battalion

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I've had an iron warriors army for around 18 years now. Building it up edition by edition and then replacing it as new models came out.


With the launch of 30k in plastic I felt it was time to re do the legion again for the umpteenth time


Starting up with something that's been sat on my shelf for quite a while now








It's a bit blotchy in areas due to me messing up the powder ratio but looks pretty ok from tabletop distance

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It must be my work Computer... The Link!, it does nothing!! :sad.: ...  I will just use my imagination based on what others have said here...  fantastic... :woot:

Gotta ask, Why do people not simply use the B&C's free pic Albums.... <shrug>... ???



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Well well well 


The sites back up and the 30k box has dropped.


I've been plodding along getting things built rather than painting but splashed some paint down on this chap this evening as a test for my newest version of painting the IVth




The Warsmith Nachtstein reborn into a modern version.


Centurion Nachtstein was my original hq option when I got into the heresy being a delagtus consul made out of the chaplain from BaC. Over the years he got knocked six ways to Sunday and in every game he was in but stubbornly refused to die once. I've decided he needs a bit of an upgrade now and his original model is going to get a rework as well.


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Hullo Hullo

Time for a long awaited update but sadly not a miniature painting one.

I tonight played my first game of 30k in the new edition at 1000pts Vs an emperor's children army.

My key takeaways are contemptors are disgustingly hard to kill. I had a sicaran blasting it every turn for 3 turns before I dealt a single wound to it via the sicaran. It was eventually killed in a very clutch moment where the sicaran did 6 wounds to it in one phase.


Scout squads with sniper rifles are amazing. I took one unit of 5 to kill artificer sgts, the consistently killed a Sgt a turn allowing the rest of the unit to be blasted by every other piddling gun.


Vigilators are also an auto take I think for the same reason. He consistently pinned enemy units and blew chunks out of hqs.


Tyrant siege termies are surprisingly eh, they end up shooting basic units rather than enemy elites due to their lack of ap3. To be fair to them however they did murder a max size assault  squad over two turns which was a return of their points.


Anyway I'm now off to build 15 more scouts and a few squads of recon marines for delicious rending precision shots.



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Now with actual content!


I've had these half finished since the launch box came out and now at long last had time to sit down and blits some bits.





While the above models aren't going to ever regularly be in an army I thought it would be good to finish them off for completions sake.


I'm trying to work on my paint flow currently, treating myself to paint something a bit more fun for every boring thing I do.


I will *touch wood* be posting more regular updates now following a big clear out 

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New chaps are looking good, I'm surprised to hear about your experience with Tyrants (though not about the Contemptor...) I was under the impression that they were supposed to be rather brutal!

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Well I've managed to paint a troops choice across the last three days! Admittedly that's partially due to me frequently working 24 hour shifts haha.


I've used the CSM transfers for this particular squad plus a variety of upgrade heads from various legions.




These are my very much my fresh meat squads who have been mass produced and slung out to various legions as the siege draws near. 


17 hours ago, Dr_Ruminahui said:

They look good - any chance on some closeups with better lighting?

That's next on the list! Currently waiting for a new lighting set up to arrive for me to re photo a few bits.


10 hours ago, Pearson73 said:

New chaps are looking good, I'm surprised to hear about your experience with Tyrants (though not about the Contemptor...) I was under the impression that they were supposed to be rather brutal!

The ap 3 is what really did me in. While it was very good at splatting tac marines Vs the rest of my opponents units it just bounced off


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Hello hello


 It unfortunately appears I've fibbed to you since my last post with me not painting any rhinos but instead a tactical squad. In truth the rhino is currently sat drying and awaiting some further work.




The tac squad uses a mix of the new style IW heads and the previous version released by FW. They're going to be another rhino borne squad so I should really get cracking on those aha.




In addition I've been working on my bodge job magnetic case. Cunningly made from a letter tray and a bag. The tanks have magnets applied directly to the tracks which admittedly increase the height a smidge but seems to be the best way to lock them in place.

On 9/1/2022 at 10:47 AM, oldschoolsoviet said:


Oh, this guy I like, complete mishmash of Mk3/5/bionics. Likey.

Curious about some heads on the tac squad too, 2nd and 3rd from left. They look like old FW heads ?

They're a mix of the new sons of horus heads I had spare 


Ta ta for now, rhinos next post hopefully 

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Another week and another post without rhinos

In my defense they are done I just haven't gotten around to photographing them yet.


In the meantime let's look at what I have done




The first of three recon squads, while I currently have a forgeworld one sat on my painting table I quickly realised I'd need much more variety when it came to building squads of these.








The first of two vigilators, i've had this particular centurion sat around for ages and while nice I realized running about with a power sword wasn't quite that helpful. In his unpainted state he has managed to kill quite a few pts worth of treacherous emperor's children so he is off to a good start.






upload image


So wip they haven't even been primed. My warcrimes on wheels and ultimate weapon the quad mortar. With the blast changes to this I considered just using something along the lines of a heavy mortar instead. I'm not actually planning on using these in game, they've been cunningly placed into every wip photo I send to my friend I'm the background to spook him. So far it's working quite well.


Ta ta for now I need to go to work instead of photo my rhinos as I had planned 




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New chaps are looking good, I enjoy those psychological mortars. :wink:

The magnetisation looks cool, I'm also starting to think about transporting my army and how to do it.

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Not a very productive period of time recently unfortunately. I spent a few days laid up in bed doing my best sleeping beauty impression after I got a form of nurgles pox.

On the plus side my predators turned up and I've managed to get those built and primed in prep for my next game.


TA Ta for now

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