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Need help sorting out colours + iconography

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A small group of internet friends I'm in are doing a Genestealer Cult motivational hobby-along next month (christened Junestealer!) and I'm feeling the urge to work on my cult as a result. However, there is a slight snag- of the very few models I have, none are painted, in part because I haven't actually worked out a colour scheme or heraldry for them!


So first and foremost, the colour scheme. My Hive Fleet (Goliath) as mentioned before looks like this:


So I want something that will look good alongside this, and also make it clear that they're corrupted by this fleet. Doing the fleshy bits should be easy enough, giving the skin a ruddy tone with very subtle hints of green, but I'm not sure on the suits. I don't want their equipment to be too brightly coloured, lest it look horrendously garish next to the already quite bright Tyranids. All I really know is I want to do the ribbed bits of the armour a sort of orange-brown (Goregrunta Fur would be ideal), but the rest I have only a rudimentary idea. I cooked up a very rough colour scheme in a digital-painting app (Impcat) but obviously this is a very basic idea.


Then there's the matter of the cult symbol. My cult, the Black Advent, are convinced that the Tyranids are actually the Emperor's punishment for a sinful humanity, and are not only aware they're going to be eaten, they're looking forwards to it and are eager to make sure everyone else joins them! As such I wanted to get a theme of judgement in their iconography. I sketched a few ideas out, but my only problem is that almost all the ideas I came up with are rather complex- great for a banner or graffiti on a vehicle, no so good for the average schmuck.


Anyway, any help would be much appreciated!

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I think he looks good. You definitely need to keep the trousers and armour in more muted colours to off-set the red and green chitin, and the orange ribbing creates a nice transition between the red and brown areas.


Icon-wise, the big six are mostly fairly subtle, in that they just tweak the basic icon slightly but not too much.


So how about taking the Rusted Claw icon, remove the cog bit, replace it with a circle that represents the planet the Tyranids are about to devour.

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Thematically the scales, noose, and pointing hand  are my favorites. Frankly, though - I don't think you have to worry about painting anything too small. There really isn't a lot of room on the GSC models anyway, so you might as well go for a slightly more complex icon. I think the hand and the noose would be the easiest to adapt, by twisting the head and tail into the thumb and forefinger of the hand, or the tail into the loop of the noose.



Speaking of banners, the Justice tarot card would look perfect with a Patriarch on the throne.

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