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Traitoris Lances


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Am I understanding this properly;


1000 point incursion game;


I have to spend 3 or 6 Command Points for a Super Heavy Detachment

If I include only War Dogs, then I can only include up to 5 (around 800 points) and I get 3 Command Points back, so I start the Incursion game with 6 CP, but 200 points down on my opponent.


If I include a big knight at ~450 points, then I can include about 3 war dogs, but the inclusion of the big knight means my detachment costs me 6 CP, refunding 3, so I start the game with only 3 CP.  


Am I right?

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You can buy wardogs in units so you could have 6 wardogs in 1k and keep all of your CP.


But yeah if you have a titanic you’ll also need at least 3 wardogs to get 3CP back.

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You can buy wardogs in units so you could have 6 wardogs in 1k and keep all of your CP.

I'm not sure I can. 

I can have 3-5 war dog models (not units) and get my CP back, but if I want to run 6 I also need a Titanic unit. 


Unless I'm really misunderstanding or missing something obvious, which is entirely possible!


A link to the wording;



I don't know how I can field a 6CP, 1000 point Incursion force. 

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A Superheavy detachment costs 6 CPs. The following discounts are available.


1-2 Abhorrent Class - 3 CPs refunded

3-5 Wardogs - 3 CPs refunded

3+ Abhorrent Class - 6 CPs refunded

1+ Titanic AND 6+ Wardogs - 6 CPs refunded


GW have worded this in a really convoluted way but it is basically exactly the same structed as Imperial lances.


Having 6 Wardogs is not enough to get the full CP refund, you need a Titanic unit in there as well. Basically there is no way to get the full 6CPs refunded at 1000 points, you will have to settle for 3CPs.

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I hate to belabour this point, and I appreciate the answer, but again, are you sure?


Option 1:

A super heavy detachment costs 3 CP if there are no Titanic units.

I could have 5 war dogs, each one filling up it's own LoW slot, (and each able to get a Favour) and get my 3 CP refunded, for a total of 6 in an incursion game.


Option 2:

A super heavy detachment costs 6CP if there are titanic units.

I could have 1 Desecrator and 3 Wardogs and get 3 CP refunded for a total of 3 in an incursion game. 



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I suppose taking knights at 1k would be deemed as OP if you also had the full 6 CP.


Depends on how you want to play it, but for 1k you can take an Abominant (or Desolator with dark master), 2 Karnivores and 2 Stalkers. Costs the same in CP as taking 6 wardogs and doesn’t leave you 200 points short.

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