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Deep Striking Chaos Knights


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Warp Borne Stalker costs 15 points on a War Dog, or 30 points on a Abhorrent or Tyrant which is cheap,  and allows you deep strike with the usual 9" restrictions, but (unless I'm missing something) no turn restrictions, so you could deep strike it on turn 1 or turn 5.  It doesn't say anything about strategic reserves, so they won't be destroyed if not deployed by the end of turn 3, and you can set them up in turn 1, again unless I'm missing something. (or just plain wrong!)


So, those caveats in place, lets begin!


1 - a 165 point, obsec wardog that just sits in the warp until a virtually unattackable objective appears.


2 - a Throne Mechanicum Khorne Rampager with the Eager for the Kill Warlord Trait (8" rerollable charge) dropping in your opponents deployment zone. 

Or any big knight with the same trait and at least one melee weapon - a desecrator would do just fine too.


3 - a knight of any flavour dropping in on turn 4 and turning enemy obsec off in a 24-30" diameter....


4 - ....or dropping in on turn 2 with the Aura of Terror warlord trait to halve charges on Screamer Killers, most Orks and a lot of Space Marines. 


Lots of fun possibilities! 


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The restrictions on when units in Reserve can/must deploy are normally part of the mission pack, not the rules for the ability I think. For example, Terminators can us Teleport Strike to come in from Reserves > 9" away from enemy units. The restrictions that they cannot come in until T2 and must come on by T3 are part of the matched play rules.


To look at it the other way, Drop Pods have a special rule that allows them to come on T1, T2 or T3, regardless of mission rules. If coming in from Reserves normally allow that, Drop Pods would not need special rules. 


I Knight with Warp Borne Stalker still needs to obey the normal rules for Reserves unless the ability explicitly states otherwise. In most missions, it will need to come on T2 or T3 just like other units.

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