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"Noble combatants" Martial Tradition? Error?

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Hello everyone!

I've been looking at the Noble Combatants martial tradition (thinking about giving a martial tradition to my Master of Justice). It's on page 77. I'm a bit confused by this tradition. Does it only apply to Titanic Feet? That seems going against the fluff in the flavour text.

I suspect an error here, somewhere. Is it perhaps Sweep or Smash profiles that are not allowed (thus making the Strike ability the one you should use with this tradition).

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I was just about to ask your thoughts on this with your own army.  So here's the FAQhttps://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Xr11yNOv7cQZtOls.pdf


Page 77 – Noble Combatants

Change this tradition to read: ‘Each time a model with this Martial Tradition fights, if all of its attacks target one enemy unit and none of those attacks are made using the Sweep profile of a melee weapon, after resolving all of those attacks, it can make a number of additional attacks against that enemy unit equal to the number of attacks that did not reach the Inflict Damage step of the attack sequence during that fight (these additional attacks cannot be made using the Sweep profile of a melee weapon).’

I would ask your advice, Brothers, how do you feel about this?  I was at the Warhammer Store and the impression of 1 player (he just faced a Knights list as Custodes) was Melee Knights were scary, but between Chaos and Loyalist, they think Melee Chaos Knights were more competitive.  Just curious.

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I feel Imperial Knights are better with their shooting. The CC-output is really solid, but they are usually pretty vulnerable when they commit into dedicated combat units. So you need to be pretty careful with them and choose your engagements to make sure you only commit when you are either safe on the counterstrike or you can kill/do enough damage.

I fell Chaos Knights do that part better.

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