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1st Arkapeli Dragoons

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X1 Leman Russ Exterminator X2 Salamander Scout Tanks X3 Scout Sentinels X3 Armored Fist Squads


The Recon Platoon is outside of any of the 6 regular battle companies that make up the regiment and its units are often split up to support different elements of the regiment.


The Platoon's 1st LT was killed at the beginning of their campaign against the Dark Eldar when shrapnel decapitated him in the back of his Salamander, the Platoon is currently under the command of 1st Sgt Jeridan Jardeen commander of the Leman Russ Exterminator known as The Emperor's Trident and is made up of 9 vehicles and 3 infantry squads.


Jardeen often leads reconnaissance enforce missions from his vehicle with an Armored Fist Squad following close behind, with either Salamanders or Sentinels covering their flank.


Jardeen often orders his forces to engage enemy dispositions they come across "In order to better gauge the strength of the enemy positions"


The battle companies consist of 6 armored fist squads, each. 3 utilizing Chimeras, and 3 utilizing Tauroxes.

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The planet of Arkapel has been in a civil war for the last 10 decades, granting them a rare reprieve from providing their tithe, but that all changed when the Returned Son embarked on his indomitus crusade.

Arkapel was forced to provide 6 regiments, a mediator from the Administratum oversaw talks between the two sides, each would provide 3 regiments equipped and trained how they saw fit.

the Bostigian faction provided the 1st, 3rd, and 5th regiments.

the Cubridians provided the 2nd, 4th and 6th.


the 1st is a mechanized force with some unusual support platoons.

the 3rd is a standard infantry regiment

the 5th is an armored regiment with a support artillery company.

the two sets of regiments almost always deploy to the different planets to minimize the chances of the two sides being in the same theater together.

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The Bostigian Autocracy typically send their sons to cavalry boarding  schools at the age of 16.

there these autocratic young men learn to break their massive mounts, with the head and neck of an avian raptor and the body and legs of a very large felid.

upon graduation on their 20th year, these men join the defense forces and form a corps of elite of traditional heavy cavalry and dragoons.

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