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G'Afternoon B&C

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Hello there! I used to frequent these forums on an account now lost to time; I wasn't exactly well-known, so I figured it best to start fresh.
With the renewed forum design and release of HH2.0, I thought I'd create an account once again and join in the fun.

I'm a Blood Angels player in 40k, looking to either reprise that gene-heritage for 30k, or perhaps play Imperial Fists or Ultramarines.

Lovely to be back around these parts. See you on the ground, battle-brothers!

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Welcome to the new and improved B&C, Angel! :)

The Horus Heresy area is alive with activity so be sure to pop by, especially if you need help with picking a Legion (there's a thread for exactly that here).

Also, if you ever want to retrieve your old account (and merge it with this one), be sure to send Brother Tyler an e-mail.

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Thanks for the welcome, brother. Yeah, Blood Angels are a really fun faction; Unusual there aren't any in your area, they seem relatively popular. How large is your area's gamegroup?

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