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Tzen's T'au (Well, my sons)


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My son and I have started playing games of 40k together, and he decided his army is going to be T'au. I am not a huge fan of the T'au range of models, nothing specifically wrong with them, but never appealed to me to paint them. However I was surprised with this Ethereal test model, it was quick and quite fun to paint!







Currently working on some path finders as the first squad, it's slow work, but I plan on working on his army on and off mixed into my own projects!

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It's actually a Nice colour choice, well done to the lad :thumbsup:. I have painted a fair few of the Blue boys and I quite like your sons take on them (and also your painting of course :tongue:

Look forward to reading some bat reps between you and the son in the future!.


Cheers, Mithril


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