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Missing 40k army lists


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I am not sure if this is the right area to out this.


I can’t seem to find the section with 40k army lists.  I see the Horus Heresy army lists section.


Maybe none of the lists were saves so the section got deleted, and it wasn’t noticed? Just spit balling here.  

Great job on the new site btw. Looks great and seems to work very smoothly!

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The army lists forum and its sub-forums were deleted. All active army list topics (i.e., 9th edition) were moved to the faction forums. We determined that "active" discussions are those that have a reply in the last two weeks. With the exception of temporary surges, usually due to a big release, the total number of active posts in the various faction forums is fewer than 25 even with the active army list discussions, so all active discussions remain on the first page.

The army list forums were originally created when the quantity of army list discussions was very high, often pushing other active discussions off the first page. What we found, however, was that having dedicated forums for army list discussions reduced their visibility, resulting in less discussion about the army lists. I found many army list discussions that had zero replies. This was a very small segment of the army list discussions. Discussion forum activity has been on a steady decline - we're down to 33% of what we experienced ten years ago. The total number of active army list discussions and the total number of active other discussions is lower than 25, so all active discussions will remain on the first page (except during those occasional temporary surges in activity). In addition, by putting discussions about a faction's army lists into the faction's forum, there might be more visibility and, hopefully, discussion of the army lists, providing our members with better/more feedback.

TLDR: This is not a bug - it's by design.

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