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Warzone Nephilim Chapter Approved question

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Hello there. I usually play Matched PLay with my (easy) gaming group, and we came up with a question.

As far as we understood:

1) Primary objectives are counted starting by battle turn 2.
2) Secondary objectives, such as faction objectives of Space Marines, Eldar etcetera, are counted starting by battle turn 1.

Is it correct?

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37 minutes ago, Emperor Ming said:

Some secondaries cant be scored in battle round one. It will specify on each secondary if that's the case:smile:

But in general you are correct:yes: 

So there is no generic rule for secondaries. Thank you very much!

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Bear in mind that some of the primaries can also be scored in turn 1 - namely the ones like 'kill a unit on an objective', and 'score 2 pts if you hold the central objective at the end of your turn'.

I label these as 1a and 1b, then you have secondary 2a, 2b and 2c. Each secondary states when you score it, so basically you can score them from turn 1, unless they explicitly say otherwise. 

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