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Which factions got biggest boost against marines?

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Necrons definitely... both Codex books came out the same time and are roughly equal in power, so the points and new rules will really help Necrons against Marines.

Imperial Guard are a problem with all their vehicles getting buffs. 3 Tank Commanders in Cadian Leman Russes and getting benefits to the number of shots on Demolishers and Battle Cannons... gross. Now we can't give them as easily.

Marines are still gonna struggle against Death Guard, probably even more now too. They do what we do (infantry focus) only better. If we have a boost to vehicles then maybe the diversity will help the army against Death Guard?

Rest of 40K we will still struggle against even with the extra boosts.

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Necrons got the biggest buff but they were starting from such a low baseline they really needed the help. I fear the Silent King with a Cryptek reanimating those Menhirs (not sure that was intended but such is life).

Having said that, I think we still have the tools to deal with Necrons, we just have to do it faster.

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I agree with that. The Silent King getting some of the boosts the army can give was likely an oversight. Regardless it makes a single choice disproportionately powerful which skews Necron list building. 

How Marines would cope with the Silent King right now I suppose they'd have to put everything into killing the army around him and hope.

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