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About the combat patrol set


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Greeting all,

Yesterday I started building the combat patrol box with Primaris in Phobos armour after 5 years away from the hobby.

These sets are all new to me as I'm only used to the old space marines.

Thus I was wondering, do you paint them in sub assemblies or build the complete figure and then paint?

It also seems that the infiltrator set doesn't allow much customisation...

Any tips are highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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You can paint them either whole or as subassemblies, although I'd recommend leaving the camo cloaks separate, as they can be annoying to paint if glued to the models; and never gluing the supressors to their flight stands (I have paperclips drilled in the tops of the stands on mine that slot into holes in the backs of the power packs when I want to use them), as they're prone to breaking off.

None of the models except the impulsor in that set provide much customisation as they are monopose models. They were orginially released in the shadowspear box set in 2019. The full kits (where available) have more options, although they still don't have the posing options you may remember from the older space marines.

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