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Missing Downloads


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Note that I split this from the Missing Galleries topic because Galleries and Downloads are separate.

When you say that "decals are not showing" do you mean that you can't see the category and/or downloads? Or do you mean that you can't see the thumbnails?

I just tested the downloads with one of our test accounts by following the link you provided. I could see and download all of the categories and files that I checked, but could not see the thumbnails.

If it's just a matter of the thumbnails, we'll look into rebuilding those. If you're having problems actually seeing and downloading the categories/files, however, there is more work to be done. Please provide screenshots in addition to URLs.

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Good grief.  the legacy site named the path like this:


And the new SW names folders like this:


Eg.   monthly_YYYY_MM  vs monthly_MM_YYYY

One sec.


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Copied over.

Thumbnails used by the site not present, but if you click on the "thumbnail" it leads to the actual image you wanted.


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Ok there it goes. I think it was a caching issue with cloudflare.

First the image files were missing.  That's fixed.  Caching was not the culprit here.

But after putting the images back....

But reloading the page didn't reveal the correct image (even though the image is IN the filesystem).

I think CF was caching the page.


Try it now.


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Should be fixed.

I sorta forced CF to re-cache all the images in that directory and then reloaded the sample URL you gave.  The thumbnails were already there (since I copied them just now), but the CF caching got in the way.

Please inspect and report back.


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  • 4 weeks later...

I think this is fixed.

I restored several years worth of "Download" media files.

I tested one of the PDF links from the download example you provided.

It took a bit of time to download.  But when it was done, it did download one of the PDF.


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