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Help converting Shadowspear mono-pose Eliminators to Las Fusil

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Has anyone tried converting the monopose Shadowspear Eliminators to the Las Fusil version?

I built my from the multi-part kit with Sniper Rifles but between Armour of Contempt and the recent price drop, I am starting to regret my life choices. I have the Las Fusil arms left over and I also have access to the cheap Eliminators from Shadowspear and I was wondering if anyone had tried putting the two together?

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I don't know if the mono pose ones convert easily, but when the mp kit came out I rememember posts about using the ETB Reivers to use the spare parts of the mp kit on. It supposedly is an easy conversion and just lacks cloaks where the mono pose ones might come in handy. So if you have some of those lying around and didn't know what to do with them yet, this might be a solution.

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