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Lord of the Rings Parody


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Hello all,

I have had this project in mind for some time and I am coming here with my notes in search for some feedback and ideas. The title of the topic is very self-explaining, but yes, thats the thing, I want to write a story ressembling LoTR but in a much grimmer and 40k style.


Scene I:

Onoricus, radical inquisitor of Ordo Malleus (maybe Xenos Hybris or similar faction), with big psiquic powers, travels in his ship with his entourage. He take a look on each of the members of its group:

- Bomus: I am yet not sure if it should be a crusader, or a grey knight...

Stryder: His most promising interrogator, or at least, the one that has survived

- Gymkin: An squat (or how he want to be denominated, kin) Brokhyr hired as the engineer. Kin engineers are very useful and they can always be hired with the right amount of money.

- Aeldrolas: An aeldari wanderer that came to his group arguing that he has had a vision accoding to wich, "this is the place where he should be".

The rest of the entourage was comprised of some servitors that carry out most of the ordinary works of the ship.

Scene II:

Onoricus is put under a track. He must travel to Hobton. One of the only industrial-age ratling planets in the subsector, since it seems that stange reports of demons are arriving from there. He hate ratlings, they are disgusting, promiscous and dirty. A bunch of stimulant-adicts that only live to eat and fornicate.

Scene III:

After months of following the track, he found a group of ratlings that have a courious artifact (not sure yet of what kind of artifact) which is the source of all the daemonic episodes in the planet. Instantly, he felt atracted to it, seduced by it.... However, he is able to overcome the chaos tempation. Undoubtedly, it is a possed artifact. When he try to substract it from the leader of the ratling gang, socalled Bilbing, he start aging very fast untill he pass away. Instantly, a second ratling, named Frorling, gets the artifact. Onoricus decides is better this way. A ratling will carry the artifact so that he is not harmed in the process. However, ratlings are weak but numerous and expensable, so he pick another 3 of them (Sarmging, Priping and Mirring) and command the servitors to kill the rest of the gang. The chosen 3 will share the same luck once the mission is finished. There must be to chaos witness within the imperium and anyway, the have already been corrupted by chaos.

Scene IV:  

Aeldrolas tell Onoricus that the only one that can give some answers about the artifact that they cannot destroy is a powerful aeldari wicht called Eldrad Ulthran, from Ulthuwe Craftworld. So they start searching for the craftworld.

Scene V:

The finally found Eldrad who has already forseen the encounter. He told Onoricus the true nature of the artifact, it was crafted in the decadent times of the aeldari empire and was the corrupted by chaos. Also, he told Onoricus that it can only be destroyed is in where it was crafted, a word called Ash Angaur which was devoured by the eye of terror and that it must be destroyed since the same Abbadon is looking for it and it will provide him with humongous power. (I am not sure here why or how the object might be so important for Abbadon)

Scene VI:

However, Curumus, another radical inquisitor from Ordo Maleus. The one that has previously given the track about the artifact, find them. After a short talk in which Onoricus tell him about the artifact and the information Eldrad told him, Onoricus ship is attacked by Curumus ship unvealing himself as a corrupted inquisitor that has gone too far in its radical beliefs of using chaos against chaos. However, they manage to survive and run away but with it ship severly damaged they must find a place to stock up and repair it. Gymkin suggest that there is a votann league fortress neaby in the subsector called Dawi-Tiwaz.

Scene VII:

However, when they arrive there the fortress is totally in silence. There are no kin, nor corpses. However, there are traces of battle. Gymkin suddenly start crying when he realized that the heart of the vortress, the votann, has been severly damaged. They are able to found an Ironkin that with it last energy told them that they are in great danger, the threat come from the inside, and when they realize it, the xenos were already infesting the fortress and attacking both from the skys and from the inside. Is it as this point where a bunch of kin genestealers attack the group. They managed to survived and start running to the ship. However, a great daemon of Khorne appears and destroy the ship. He has been summoned by Abbadon to destroy them and bring back the artifact.

Scene VIII:

Oronicus fight the great demon over a bridge inside the fortress that separe the group from the hangar with the help of his psiquic powers but after a big fight the daemon is expelled to the inmaterium. However, Oronicus has exhausted all his forces and appears to fall from the bridge.

Scene IX: 

The rest of the group run away leadered by Stryder followed by the xenos that infest the planet knowing there is no possible scape from them now that their ship has been destroyed. However, they are rescued by a Warp Spiders squad leadered by aeldari wicht Galdal'lil sent by Eldrad, who has foreseen the fight result, and they are evacuated by the webway gate in the planet. Galdal'lil tell the stupid blind mon-keighs the future she has foreseen if they failed their mission.

Scene X:

The group is left in an imperial world where the group, now leadered by Stryder, commande a new ship to continue their mission without Onoricus. However, Stryder is being constatly cuestioned by Bomus who does not consider him a true inquisitor and that things the Aeldari cannot be trusted and the artifact must be carried to Terra. Knowing the risk of bringing the artifact to terra Stryder refuses.

Scene XI: When arriving the edge of former eye of terror (now part of the maledictum cicatrix) the group is emboushed by a chaos squad. But not any common chaos worshipers. A squad of chaos astartes of the black legion sent by Abbadon himself after receiving and information from Curumus about their location. Bomus, considered themselves trapped tryes to destroy the artifact attacking the ratlings in its way. Afraid, the ratling run away splitting into two groups and using a couple of exploring little ships while the chaos marines are boarding the ship. After this, the rest of the members fight the chaos marines eventually destroying the squad. However, Bomus is killed in the fight after an heroic battle.

Scene XII: Curumus has been wathing the scene and he is able to capture one of the ratling ships in their run away. However, unluckly the capture the ones that don't have the artifact and so, start torturing them in orther to receive information about where are the other ones going (information they don't have).

Scene XIII: Stryder decides to recover the ratlings and the artifact and fulfill the mission Oronicus has started.....


As you see there are lot of things that I do not have clear at all. For example, I am not sure if the story should be set before or after the fall of Cadia. 

Please forgive my English. In fact, my low level is one of the facts why I haven't written this story properly yet.






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Hi there, this is an interesting idea and some of the concept works surprisingly well. One thing: I think Bomus should be a crusader not a Grey Knight. I think a Grey Knight would be too awe inspiring to be over-ruled by an acolyte (Stryder)

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