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Word Bearers - Chapter of the Flayed Hand

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Greetings all. It has been a quick minute since I posted on the forums (way back in the depths of 2019). Some of you may recall my Thousand Sons, but this time I am back with a slightly different shade of red, the arterial red of the XVIIth legion. My friend wanted to get back into heresy and what better way then to split the launch box. This gave us both a core foundation to build on as we evenly split the tactical marines and terminators.

I wanted to go with a look that was metallic red reminiscent of what was found in Book 2 Massacre and Book 5 Tempest. I chose the Flayed Hand chapter to represent the bulk of the legionaries though members of other Chapters will be appearing due to their presences on the lovely transfer sheet. Below are my initial works (not pictured is the Spartan). I've not quite decided on an expansion direction. Likely expansion directions include the Kratos, a mix of Rhinos and Drop Pods to lean into different rites of war, and then a unit of Procurators from the exemplary battles.

Flayed Hand Chapter, 3rd Battalion

First tactical squad - During the build process I had built all the bodies up and promptly forgot which arms paired best with each body, this led to some more varied posing with the bolters. For colour variety of the armour I have incorporated more black and silver panels on the back-packs. I also blacked in some of the beaks. As I had ran out of spare bolt pistols, I decided that the plasma pistols would become warpfire pistols for which I wanted an eerie green glow. After initial highlights on the armour I then apply a highlight with iron hands steel to reemphasis the metallic look of the armour and to added battle damage.


Tactical squad two - This was the squad I built first and very much stuck to the instructions. Head poses do slightly mask the the repeating poses a little bit. This squad also has the most bare heads for variety. Since I used them here I didn't want repeating faces in the squad above.


In the back you can see some of my initial test marines whilst I was waiting for the boxset to arrive.


Now we come to Praetor Endyios Feyd, commander of the 3rd Battalion of the Flayed Hand Chapter. He is likely to be joined by a diabolist in the future.


Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.

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4 hours ago, Brother Callidan said:

Great job. I will be watching this thread. Im starting a Word Bearer army as well and am looking for inspiration. 

Thanks. I hope we can both find inspiration in each others armies. My force is based primarily on survivors of the Flayed Hand that managed to escape from Calth before the start of the Underworld War They were able to re-join the bulk of the legion for the rest of the Shadow Crusade. Between the Shadow Crusade and Terra there is room to expand on what they were doing. There was also the question of would they find out they were sent to Calth ultimately to die and of their abandonment by their commanders. Would that change their outlook of legion high command and that war itself?

4 hours ago, Old-Four-Arms said:


Sweet ! Would you mind sharing your recipe for the red ?

I cant take all the credit for the red. After choosing to do Word Bearers I recalled that Duncan had done a video for WarhammerTV a few years ago. My only alteration to the scheme was the addition of Iron Hands Steel for a metallic highlight and for battle damage. This was because I wasn't sure if I liked using a regular red to highlight the metallic red armour. I chose to do both but in a limited fashion so it wasn't (hopefully) to overpowering. 

Red armour (video link):

It starts with a Leadbelcher undercoat. Then an all over application of Basilicanum Grey contrast, which is very much like a pre-shade. You could substitute this for a darker silver like Iron Warriors. After this it is a controlled application of Flesh Tearers Red contrast.  I have experimented with using Black Templar in the recesses of the model to add extra depth.

I don't have anything new model wise but I did decide to grab some pics of a few of the models I have been working on and the test model.

This model decided that it would be the Word Bearers. I didn't have much for basing to hand so went with Armageddon Dust to try and capture Calth as it was being subjected to the slaughter being undertaken and the death of the star unleashing radiation on the planet.


I deicded to only paint the frontal sections of the MkIII in the red leaving the MkII suit a dark silver. I wanted it to represent a legionary that had not yet completed his armour refit prior to Calth so still wore the old colours under the old.


A close up of the Terminator. With the extra panels and banding there is a lot more to work with colour wise compared to the the MkVI marines.



With any luck I should have the remaining terminators and tactical marines painted by the weekend so I can finish of highlights and move onto the Spartan.


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A smaller update today. All the infantry have now had the red and black applied to them and are awaiting their highlights and other details to be completed. I have all but finished the first five marines of tactical squad Brakeon. The remaining five just need their silver highlights and battle damage applying.


Squad Brakeon were the first squad to be equipped with MkVI power armour in the aftermath of their escape from Calth. It was they that discovered the armour in the bowels of ravaged a waystation. What legion the armour was destined for could not be determined but it would be used to replace the war ravaged wargear of the Flayed Hand's 23rd shock assault company.

Under the direction of Sergeant Brakeon the squad were quick to inscribe runes and cuneiform into their new armour. To outsiders of the squad it is nought but gibberish and random astrological patterns. The precise meaning is not known outside of the squad and the Diabolist Jadek Tarn.



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The last five members of Squad Brakeon are complete. All that is left is to decide if I want to base them in the same manner as my test model.

Part way through I decided to abandon the red edge highlight continue using silver as the main armour highlight. The shoulder pads and weapon cases still receiving their grey highlight. Next up will be the Praetor and Terminators as I fancy a slight change from regular power armour.


Whether deploying by Rhino or orbital insertion by drop pod, squad Brakeon are always prepared to illumination to their enemies.

Squad Brakeon, 3rd Battalion, 23rd Shock assault company

Pict recovered from the Severing of Volantis-7


The Flayed Hand chapter had taken to the new teachings of Lorgar without hesitation, and the warriors of its 3rd battalion were no exception. Although the deeper truths and meanings of the rites and pacts they partook in were obfuscated from many of the line troops. Diabolist Jadek Tarn assured his brothers of the new faith, indeed he was a testament to the power of the new order. With careful precision, he guided his brothers in applying their scripture and runes in geomatics patterns. When the squad aligned in pre-ordained patterns they would assist them in battle.

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