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Warzone nephilim and nids

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So with the new warzone rules and restrictions how has everyone adapted or planning to adapt their armys? 

Im having a game tonight and sitting contemplating where to spend cp and whats worthwhile.  Iv went sofar with the warlord trait to give my tyrant fnp as its lifespan is more important than evet agaij but i dont know if giving it a relic will be as smary a spend on target no 1. I dont think i mind starting with 2cp but how far to spread out relics and watlord traits. Is anyone actually planning to keep running double patrol nids? Etc. 

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tried out the new rules updates. if anything i probably still had too many cps- dont know my strats well enough.  my opponent was tight up all game and our mission meant when i took his home objective he got none. whereas yes i had to spend to get my trait and relic i only bought another trait and didnt need anymore than that. do we need more relics than reaper/shardgullet?

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I think Dirgeheart for switching off enemy ObSec is useful on our characters (especially if they have ObSec themselves)

Reaper of Obliterax has use against hardened targets but I wonder how often we want to put our characters into such models now? Are we better off trying to feed them chaff or stuff that fights on death / acid blood damage into them?

I also like Kraken’s Chamelonic relic works in shooting and melee. 

WLT I think offer some good utility that lasts all game. So can be a worthwhile investment.

If I understood the latest FAQ correctly One Step Ahead can still potentially net us multiple CP per turn.

Heightened Senses to fight first has felt solid when I have used it. 

I like Direct Guidance as if buffs both melee and shooting for a core unit. Very solid on Warriors.

Things like Alien Cunning and Adaptive Biology are useful, too.

So, relics I am not too fussed about. Can usually be happy with one, maybe a second if I have a plan for it.

WLT I feel are generally of more useful. I can always think of uses for two of them. 

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i played a few bits to test and also find i don't overly spend cp during game in the same way as my opponents so im better sending it in building  as trying to find strats whilst remembering secondary's and follow battle losses etc is something iv to relearn. anyway i tried the parasite with obsec trait and it was able to hard throw off my opponents battle plan stealing a 'safe' objective. not sure how worthwhile the shardgullet truely is for its better stats, probably worth it as increased chance to wound quite often on 2s instead of 3s and the extra ap and damage... wort the cp... robably on a shootrant whos no longer planning to be frontline but still support. reaper is class but do i want to really want to risk frontline im thinking not.. maby against armys i need to go harder against or im expecting them to try to hit my tyrant first. tbh im near considering what would be worthwhile on my broodlord in its advanced positioning to help pester my opponent.. 

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