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London Grand Tournament

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Who might be attending the big London GT? I'm actually going, with a new list planned in the Ultramarines section here, link when I get confirmation from the TO about whether a Kratos is allowed.

I don't expect to win of course but I expect to have fun and if I can get 40% wins I'd be happy. :smile:

Oh if anyone sees me wearing my B&C T-shirt with Captain Idaho on it, come say hi! I'm a big fella but don't worry, I'm also pleasant enough in real life! :laugh:

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What's the spread of super scary lists and thematic or funner opponents in your previous experience?

Whilst I don't expect to play casuals, I like taking a theme or a bunch of units and trying to get them to work whilst also enjoying a bit of competition. I don't much derive self esteem from winning lots of games anymore :smile:

Much harder the past few editions unfortunately but I still enjoy myself.

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Cool man. God your armies are always so themed I love it.

Maybe you should come to this GT man. Bring your 10th Company?

For that matter, if anyone sees me there I'll be wearing a B&C T-shirt so come say hi. :smile:

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Due to financial constraints in a personal family matter I am unable to attend this tournament. Heartbreaking but it happens.

If anyone would like my ticket because it's sold out, contact me and I can send it to you. The organisers said I can do that, bless them.

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