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New Adepta Sororitas player - Painting log

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So, I used to be a Warhammer Fantasy player and never got into 40k (despite several attempts). I stopped when Age of Sigmar was released, and tried starting 40k a few times, but I was the only 40k payer in my local gaming store. Fortunately though, the situation has changed and there are lots of 40k players around where I live, so it's time to dive in the hobby again.

Yesterday, I got my Combat Patrol in the mail and started painting the canoness immediately.

It took a few hours, and the result is a bit too messy to my liking, but I'm pretty pleased with the color scheme:




Next step: painting the flagellants.



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Like the colour scheme! Definitely doesn't look messy! I think if you were to put a little highlight on your gold it'll bring back a bit of the shine which the wash has taken away. Beyond that I wouldn't change anything.

Look forward to seeing your flagellants.

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Welcome to Bolter & Chainsword @troile. Your Canoness looks great, and I agree a slight highlight will make the gold pop back out.  I look forward to seeing what you have in store for us next. 

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An excellent start, welcome to the future-y side of wargaming! And I'm really not seeing any 'messy' parts in that paint job, the only change I would make is a thin highlight of stormhost silver on the metallic sections just to get the gleaming nature back on the metals.

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Thx for  the positive comments, guys :)

I will add a quick highlight of silver on the gold tomorrow.

This afternoon, I got to work on the Arco Flagellants.

I'm pretty happy with the results. It's getting a bit late here, so daylight is not good enough for a decent pic right now (details aren't showing very well), but this should give you an idea of what they look like now:



I also started working on the penitent engine.

I recently switched my metallic recipe from Leadbelcher - nuln oil - Stormhost silver drybrush to Leadbelcher - Black Templar - Stormhost silver dybrush and I got to say: I love this scheme. It's easy and looks pretty good (even though lighting quality kinda messes up the pic)




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Posted (edited)

I am digging the arco flagellants


I'm doing a similar thing to my armor for my sisters but I'm using vallejo gloss black, Vallejo metallic color, and Gw deathshroud clear (all 3 through airbrush) and then paint black templar contrast. 

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