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Vs Tau in 9th


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Appreciate this is vague, but that's kinda the point. What generic tips and tricks do you use against Tau these days? 

Usual things like stick to the mission, chaff weapons into the Drones, pick your assaults wisely, etc, still apply?


(I should have a game against a competitive - but not net list - Tau force this weekend and I' can't remember what to do!)

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I've been playing Knights for the last while and tbh...since the Nephilim changes Tau have felt lot more manageable. They bascially lost an entire Crisis unit which severly limits what they can do and more importantly what they can risk. They're not nearly as efficient at trading as they used to be, which affects how they can play for secondaries a lot. My last game my opponent gambled on scoring pretty much all his secondary points in the last three turns and just about got away with it. But it was one of those matches where a few dice rolls could have swung it and then the end result would have been a curbstomp pointswise against him.

Compare this to before where "go out, smash worry about the rest later" was a pretty safe strategy.



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I'd say hit them hard quickly as a Marines player. Left to carry on shooting you, Marines lose the attrition war against Tau. (Or Guard for that matter)

Drop Pods with Chaplain and the Masterful Oratory Strategum could help get the first turn charge in, but that won't stop screening units from making it a blunt charge.

I'd suggest concentrating all small arms on drones first, then blast away with heavy weapons on units until they are combat ineffective early.

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What are you playing?

i try to stay save as much as possible and make the jump at once. So if i think i can make a charge with one or two units i come forward with my entire army and overwelm them. Thats gonna hurt for one turn since not everything is gonna make it to combat. But they cannot shoot everything and have to focus on the units close to them first. Then hopefully your in next turn and you got them in a corner.

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