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Starting 40K - with space Marines?


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Hi guys,

After 3years in aos a friend finally managed to make me start 40k as well. I want to start 2 armies to have some different stuff to paint.

First army is tyranids which I built melee focused...

For a 2nd army I was thinking about starting space Marines with some awesome looking tanks.

I started reading a bit in the codex and this is my plan:

-I play mainly for fun with some friends. Never been to a tournament yet. I dont need to have the best tournament list.

-I only play models I like the Look of. I don't care if a unit is the best in the game - if I don't like it, I won't play it.

-the space marine army should be more ranged focus and need a lot tanks, 

-no forgeworld

This is what I thought of my first 1250 points list:


Iron father feirros

Primaris Techmarine


Infiltrator squad

Intercessor squad


Redemptor dreadnought


Inceptor squad


Gladiator reaper

Gladiator valiant


This will be exactly 1250 points with weapons and stuff.


I plan to add next :

Repulsor executioner, sin e it's an awesome looking fat tank =) 

Now I need some help please:
- is this list playable for a fun evening? I don't know if I'll get charged and pretty much die?

- is iron hands the best chapter for what I plan to do with space Marines? Or should I look in some other chapters as well?

- what should I add to get a nice 2k list?

Your opinions and improvements are very welcome. Thanks in advance!
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You probably know that armour is not super great at the moment. If you really wanna play armour heavy lists though,  dreadnoughts are the thing. If you are very clever you can keep your tanks safe by forcing your opponents to deal with the walkers thus giving your tanks time to do work. That being said if you are playing friendly game just play what you like the looks of.

I would take some first-born in rhinos to grab objectives though. With a ton of armour saturation your rhinos will prob stay alive to be maneuverable tools in the late game.

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You should first pick a colour scheme you are comfortable painting for a long time. Then you should make the decision which chapter to use. While you can potentially paint all chapters in any kind of colour you want there is an unwritten rule to adhere in some way at least to the orginial colur scheme or ethos of the chapter which could influence the paintjob. So for example creating an Iron Hands variant scheme could include colours with a metallic tinge to deviate from the standard black. 


Going to tournaments with suboptimal lists might sound like a brave idea at first but will sober you up pretty quick when 99% of the folks attending bring the most broken stuff which is currently available. It will be very hard for you to have a good time in such an environment.

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