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[2000] World Eaters Berzerker Assault

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Last night played my first game of HH2.0 with the following list:


Khârn the Bloody


5 Red Butchers, Chainfist, Land Raider Proteus


20 Despoilers, AA, Falax Blades, 4 Power Lances

10 Tacticals, AA, Power Fist, Chainaxes, Rhino

10 Tacticals, AA, Power Fist, Chainaxes, Rhino


Javelin, Lascannon sponsons, Multimelta

Javelin, Lascannon sponsons, Multimelta


Land Raider Spartan

Predator, Lascannon sponsons

2000 points exactly


Pretty impressed by the sheer number of attacks a single 10 man Tactical squad can dish out.

Once Red Butchers make it to the front, they hit like freight trucks, but it takes them forever to get there if there transport immobilizes.. Darn Cataphractii armor (shakes fist)

Khârn is a beast! Not getting a chance to react, when he makes a charge, feels like  cheating, especially if you use The Savage Tide in the opponents shooting phase. Then getting to hit first on mostly 2’s wounding on 3’s with Shred, Rending and Murderous Strike is Brutal

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1 hour ago, Bodtfarm said:

So the Despoilers + Khârn and the Red Butchers are your first wave. Then the rhino tacticals are the second wave to help mop up and take objectives? 


Yep, that's about the plan. And then the Javelins are there for support and harassment

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