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In black and gold reborn

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Hey all, 

I’m new to 40K and diving into Chaos Space Marines.   Devouring the lore and assembling models and starting lists like a madman. 


Working on a 500pt Word Bearers list featuring M.O.P as my warlord.  For relic, I hear a lot of love for Malefic Tome, but if I read correctly the Liber Hereticus yields another cast, so 3 psychic powers per turn? I guess 4 if I go Tzeentch and burn a cp for The Great Sorcerer?  Combined with Demonic Whispers as a WLT, that’s both a ton of extended range Psychic Powers and CP engine.  I get that a +1 to psychic test is a really big deal, and having another psychic power on the list (but one fewer “cast”).  Help me, brothers.

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A very warm welcome to the hobby and the board @SpitfireCole


You might want to head down to the Heretic Astartes forum re your question, the Fraters there can probably give you a better answer than I could! :tongue:

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Hi and welcome to the hobby - now's a great time to join the ranks of the legions, with a shiny new codex and awesome models. As you have a pretty specific question, I'm going to move this over to the CSM section so you can get some more helpful responses! 

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The MoP is a great choice for a Warlord, but you are now creating a bullet magnet with all those psychic shenanigans, so is would advice you to get a nice bodyguard for him, which also works well with the MoP, the venom crawler, as it also gives +1 to psychic tests, and is a daemon engine so it works well with the MoP. But that might be something for when you expand the list. The Crawler is twice as fast as te MoP so you will have to set up them carefully on the field so they can work together. With "Pact of Flesh" you can heal the Crawler  and the MoP, plus the Crawler is a beatstick, even more so in a Low point game. It would be interesting to know what else you want to have in the list.

With my advice above I would go for another cast, the +1 on for casting has very seldom been an issue for me, I either manage to get the power off, or I fail miserably. Most of the time you will manage the roll, (average roll of two dice is 7), one failed roll is often not an issue, the cp for re-roll for a Perils is more important. I am not a big fan of kitting out characters to much in low point games, as you will have very few cp from the beginning of he game, and the MoP will take more the 1/5th of all your points in a 500 points game, and with only 5 wounds he might go down fast if not guarded correctly. 

Cpt Danjou

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