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The Aranthian Succession: Cinderak Burning


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Ash Wastes Campaign Map

So, we've got:

+ A new location fleshed out.

+ A power vacuum at the top with Lord Helmawr taking a nap.

+ New Campaign rules with 12 new scenarios that mix up table types.

+ More Dramatis Personae. (Sigh)

+ Ash Waste vehicle rules for two House Gangs locked behind a campaign expansion. (Sigh) 

It'll be interesting to see where the Specialist team goes with this. The storyline progression is a nice touch, although setting it in 'Cinderak City' means it could get nuked into oblivion at the end without effecting our beloved Hive Primus.

I'm wary about seeing Ash Wastes rules for gangs being spread out across multiple books though. 

Thoughts? Speculations? 


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More details fleshing out previously obscure locations is always a good thing in my eyes...as long as it doesn't strip the mystery away and it adds more story hooks to explore.


I'm not a fan of storyline progression especially when we have so much unknown to explore. For me I feel that storyline progression detracts and diminishes the struggles of my gang/army and breaks the immersion in that particular universe. 40k has already gone this way and it was this break in immersion that was the final nail in the coffin for me.

Hopefully, Necromunda won't travel too far with this story arc but even if it does the ruleset is far superior to 40k so I can't see disrupting my corner of Necromunda anytime soon.


I can never have too many campaigns for Necromunda and 12 new assorted missions will be great.


It's a shame how Dramatis Personae fit into the rules of Necromunda because they're full of character and the models are stunning. I find it hard to justify their price when they are only used for the odd game or two though.


I had a bad feeling that GW would spread the gang vehicle rules out over several books and unfortunately it looks like this is their plan. It leaves a bitter taste and if I had any sense I'd wait until they release the inevitable compilation book that will follow later down the line. Of course GW are nobody's fool and it looks like the story arc campaign will be bundled in alongside these gang vehicles which will keep me buying every book that comes out anyway....it's good but it does leave a bitter aftertaste.

Fortunately, Necromunda is my only GW addiction these days, so at least I'm only buying books, gangs and the odd vehicle....so far :wink:

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I dislike the story moving on... for the same reason I hate it in 40k, it changes the setting into a story. I like it being a setting that I create my own stories in and not a story line that I happen to be participating in.

Given most of my group have basically got fed up with the drip feed bookromunda strategy GW are using, we've not bought into the ash wastes, and are happily planning a outcast campaign for after bfg so we have time to see where this goes and decide if we want to give this story campaign a while in the future or not.

Overal this is a meh release for me, vehicles, dont care, story, actively dislike, dramatis personal, dont care, new location fleshed out, could be okay but so so in terms of parting with cash for, new campaign, a bit meh as it follows the 3-1-3 format and slightly reskinned territory and resources. Overall a bit of a meh reception sadly

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I guess I …kinda… like it, since I enjoy the idea of more Ash Wastes and think the story sound pretty interesting. OTOH, I feel almost exactly like the rest of you, when it comes to story progression (in my case, it wasn’t the final nail in the Warhammer 40.000-coffin, but it was certainly the beginning of the end and made it so much easier to just not bother anymore). I feel like I’m in a place where I can easily ignore or invent my own “overall storyline” changes, if I want to, but that also mean that this will serve as inspiration at best.

I generally don’t bother complaining about the releases, as I think GW will just do what they do regardless. I also realise it does make a certain sense for them to try and make all releases “essential”, both because of sales and inevitable complaints about “yet another book of useless fluff and optionals” - so they might as well have us complaining while we buy, instead of just complaining. Still, spreading out the “core” Ash Wastes stuff in this fashion is just immensely annoying.

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I'm curious to see what they end up doing with this. Personally, the rules and story are a bit secondary: it's the models I'm the most interested in. :smile:

That said, I can definitely understand the frustration of having the rules all over the place. GW does that so well, unfortunately.

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