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Major Events tab/ Resource thread

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Hey BT.

I've been looking through the forums and I don't see a good spot for dialogue on Official/Major Tournaments/events. I know we have the events sub-forum but it seems a bit jumbled and low traffic area. I guess if nothing else we could get a resource tab with information on what to expect at major events, or advice for hobbyist new to major events, i.e. what to take, when to leave, what to expect, those types of things. I don't know, probably not enough excitement for something like that, but for someone like me I'd really appreciate having something like that available.


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By coincidence, we have been discussing our options with the various Community forums. The Events forum is one which we don't really have any strong ideas, so this is a good opportunity to solicit the feedback of the members of the community.

We'll soon be getting rid of the geographic area sub-forums, switching those over to open clubs (anyone can participate in them - no membership required). Those clubs will include discussion forums and calendars for events specific to the area. So discussion about the Las Vegas Open will take place in the discussion forum for the club that includes Nevada. The Arranging Games sub-forum will be removed. The expectation is that anyone trying to arrange a game will simply post in the geographic club's discussion forum. While each event has its own distinct elements, there are some commonalities. For example, painting competitions such as the Golden Daemon share many common elements, so repeating information in multiple [geographic club] forums might seem wasteful, whereas pointing disparate forums to a single location might provide some efficiencies.

We're turning the New Members sub-forum into an Introduce Yourself forum (in the Frater Domus category).

Events, meanwhile, are in a sort of Limbo. Right now, there's a strong chance that we'll get rid of the Events forum, using the geographic clubs' forums for discussion. We might leave it for now while we figure events out, however.

What you're suggesting is actually content that could be located in a variety of places. One of the new features that we haven't activated is the Pages function, and this might provide us with a solution (though we are still figuring this function out). If any members want to see what the Pages feature does, you can see the page at the Invision Community site: https://invisioncommunity.com/features/pages/

The geographic clubs will be created soon (tomorrow?). Those will include their discussion forums and calendars. Once members have a chance to look at those clubs, we can collectively consider how to best cover events (conventions, tournaments, contests, etc.).

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