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Matt C

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Hi all, newbie here 

I’vebeen a member over on dakka for years, mainly lurking, and doing the same but never really posted just read, got the ideas and usual stuff. 

This is a bit of a strange request but is there a group who are able to get hold of events minis etc, in this case the company champion, I’m loath to pay scalpers costs from eBay, I’m unable to travel long distance as I have a condition with my legs, so getting to a tournament, considering where I live is a major pain, literally.


if anyone could help I’d really appreciate it



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8 hours ago, Matt C said:

Thanks, I don’t have Facebook, but I guess I’ll have to sign up thank you 

No problem. If it helps further, and you’re active on Dakka Dakka, then you might try contacting Mad Doc Grotsnik there. Thoroughly decent chap who set up the aforementioned group; he’s likely to have ways and means to help that don’t require you to sign up for Facebook, if you want to avoid that site.

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