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Alright ladz, lissen up. Dere's a boss new 'clubs' feature on da Shoota 'n' Choppa Bolter and Chainsword.

Wossat, Wortgof? Nah, ain't nuffink to do wiv klubz wot bash people. It's where you can show off yer ded flash gunz and trukks, or have a good old chinwag 'bout da good old dayz on Armageddon.

I 'ear da beekees dere is gettin' a bit full of demselves – so let's go show 'em wot Waa-Ghazghkull's all about!


Or, in plain Imperial Gothic, I've used the new club feature to set up a club about the various Battles for Armageddon.

Since the orks are the primary protagonists*, I wanted to make sure the whole ork forum was invited to share your models (ork and otherwise) and Armageddon-themed questions and lore over there. I've popped up a quick album to help you play around and explore, but I'm looking forward to seeing what you've got to share – stories, battle reports, model showcases; all are welcome.

Obviously models specifically themed to Armageddon are the high watermark, but orks is orks wherever they are – so why not show off some of your boyz over there, and create some Armageddon-themed background for them?

The link's below; and feel free to ask any questions:



* Unless you think the World Eaters should steal the greenskin's thunder, of course... :P 

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