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N00b LF autopicks/must haves


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I'm looking to improve in my strategies and general performance on the tabletop, and I turn to you - fellow children of the Omnissiah for help!
Looking for the most common "autopicks/no-brainers" that would work well with most lists. 
Everything from units, forgeworlds, traits, relics etc. 

More niche combos/options are ofc also welcome. 


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This video should help steer you in the right direction for the current meta. It seems the preferred picks tend to be Skitarii Rangers and Ironstrider Ballistarii. I would advise against going too heavily in that direction though. In the course of 9th edition Ironstriders have been buffed, nerfed and buffed again so over-investing in any particular unit is risky right now.

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Greetings and Ave Omnissiah. 

Some tough lessons I have learn of not to do. 

Stygies VIII looks great on paper but against certain armies performs poorly. (Now I probably could have used it better.) Iron Warriors (Ignores all Cover bonuses) basically negates Stygies VIII (Cover bonus entire Army). 

Knight of the Cog helps a lot for allying in Knights but then it's not a Admech only army, Still Battleforged and get full rules. 

Kastalans Robots either type can do a surprising amount of heavy lifting even against Chaos Knights. They scared the guy playing Possessed as well. 

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Yeah, I played a friend who was using a Custodes army and he wanted to tie up my Kastelans up to stop their shooting. Even with one Kastelan fist and one phosphor fist they were surprisingly good at mulching Custodes in combat. I don't think they are a very efficient unit points-wise but even when I take heavy casualties they are normally standing on the board. I even had them clear an objective once with their Repulsor Grid when the last two members of a Pathfinder squad fired their rail rifles and utterly fragged themselves.

I have a game today and I usually go for Radsat forge worlds with the boosted radium weapons but I honestly don't know the factions well enough to utilise them. Shame, as I'm going against Death Guard and Chaos Knights so the secondary benefit won't be that helpful. the -1 strength at range will help providing I remember it in the early stages of the game before the enemy closes with me.

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I just battled Against Chaos Knights, Admech has advantage against Chaos Knights for Secondary objectives. The Accreditation of Knowledge basically goes off every kill. Even the Armiger Classes are 14 W and that triggers it. Combined with the General Bring it down I was getting between 5 and 7 VP per kill. Then with No prisoners I had another 14 VP at the end due to their high wound counts. Admech has plenty of heavy weapons, and the Heavy Stubbers did the biggest work with weight of fire. Death Guard are actually harder to deal with because of Armor of Contempt and other stacks that make them ignore at least 2 AP. Lucius did alright. 




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