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So I am currently playing Hybrid Admech and Imperial Knights because I lacked Armigers. I just bought a pair this last week and I am looking for advice of what builds help when. Basically should I do the shooty Armigers or the Thermal and chainsword version to back up my main three at the moment. 

Knight Castellan
Knight Paladin
Knight Preceptor

I also plan of getting a Moirax Armiger at some point though I don't know which build there either. 

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I admittedly have only played one game with my Imperial Knights against my friend's Chaos Knights and one thing I felt I lacked was the ability to interact with objectives or push enemies off the objectives. to that end I personally think the chainblades would come in handy a lot of the time. Granted, I think the autocannon armigers have no trouble shooting into combat but the Thermal Spear has about 30" range so it's no slouch itself. I'll happily defer to someone who's a regular Knight player but that was my personal experience.

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I've found that they are stupid easy to magnetise on the elbows, so I would generally do that. Especially with the new kit.

Generally, both are great for different roles. Helverins are not excellent fire support, Warglaives are great pressure of pieces. With the Castellan in your list, Warglaives might be a better fit, but there's no real wrong choice with them imo.

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32 minutes ago, Lord Lorne Walkier said:

What house?  Cant really give advise with out that answer.  For my house  the choice was eazy.   Warglaives.  but My knights are CC focused.

So Technically they are of my Custom House. 

House Fásacha is a Questor Imperialis Knight House, located on the world of Tarakon. They are a warrior house, where martial honor is regarded in high esteem. Each Lord Protector that is not a part of his Exalted Court is given a charge of furthering the known expanses of the Wilderness Space and to ensure they send their best men to Tarakon to join the Wardens. An ancient House that has always guarded the Wilderness Zone that was finally discovered by the Imperium when the Explorator Fleets of Mjorn and Incendius Lux first went beyond the Gate of Blood to colonize the first Frontier Worlds. Sámhach de Fásach, the heir apparent, has been given the charge that she shall complete a taking. With oaths to the Mechanicus of Mjorn, this house has learned to excel in their roles as protectors of the Eastern Fringes.

I have been using Questor Mechanicus Rules however because they are themed as a having few Knights but what they have is rare and esoteric patterns. I do plan on getting Moirax Armigers, though I don't know what armaments to put on them and would like advice there as well.  I have played both as house Taranis on advice of one of the players at my local store (didn't do much for me. Knight died too quickly at the 1000 point games. ) Then at this 2000 point game I played as House Vulker to take advantage of the Adamantine Knight Warlord Trait which I put on the Castellan. 


Technically this is how the lore breaks down for the Knights I have though I made the Castellan the Warlord this last time. :



As a Knight Preceptor, this Mighty Engine of War shows the suprememcy of House Fásacha. Personally piloted by the High protector or their Sucessor, taming the machine spirits is a first task of perspective leaders of the House. Lady Protector Sámhach de Fásach has taken over politing this Ancient Knight that has served the High Protectors through more than one Era. Her temperament and presence on the field matches well with the Machine Spirit, becoming like one on the field of battle.

Ellén Trechend



House Fásacha's Seneschal and top General, gets to pilot the awesome might of the Largest Imperial Knight of the House. This Knight Castellan has seen countless defenses and expeditions into the wild spaces of the Ishtar Sub-Sector. Piloted by the ancient family line of the Fuadach family in House Fásacha, some of the most famous Generals of Ishtar Subsector for both the House and the Astra Militarum has come from this family.


The Knight Paladin does not have a background yet but now I need to create one since it was the main contributor of a several Chaos Knight kills. 

Enemy Knights this last time was 5 War Dog Class which the Paladin killed four, an Enemy Castellan (Paladin brought it down to 2 W in which Kastelan Robots finished it off, and he finished off the last 10 W on a Knight Ravenger. 



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Based on your current knights, warglaives would be best for now. Later a pair of helverins would be nice. 

If you haven't exalted your paladin taking the nobility teaching for the preceptor to tag both armigars with the bonding ability. The Paladin's bondsmen ability is pretty good (re-roll 1s to-hit/wound)

Other teachings are Mercy if you have an action objective, Courage for exploding 6's and if your not Taranis, Faith for the FNP (6+ normally, 5+ if bonded)

Also two strats you might want to have on hand would be Survivors of Strike (transhuman) and Thin their Ranks (choice up to 3 armigars, 6 to hit auto wounds). 

For the moriax you have a few decent options. Since you can mix weapons I'll list the options below:

Seige Claw/rad-cleanser - seige claw is a worst version of the chain cleaver, while it has D6 dmg and a bonus to vehicles and monsters, the -1 to-hit and swingy dmg make it a so-so melee weapon. The rad-cleanser on fthe other hand. This is a flamer that wounds anything BUT vehicles and titanics on 2+ and at 3 dmg make it a good monster hunter.

Lightning Lock - Good anti-horde, 6 shots with tesla (6 to hit get 3 hits) and at a Str that will wound most infantry on 3's. Seen this used in pairs to get the most out of them.

Volkite Veuglaire - Helverin AC lite, lower Str, AP and Dmg, but it's a consistent 5 shots and on 6's to wound generate MWs. Tap it with Calculated Targeting and it's generating MWs like a helverin, but with more chances.

I'm not too familiar with the other two weapons as I use the above a lot more. My base two confiragtions are lightning lock/siege claw and twin volkites.
Also the next two weapons are blast weapons so can't be fired into combat, unlike the prior three.

Graviton pulsar - Like most Grav weapons, it's a good marine killer, but the D6 shots makes it more swingy then the helverin's ACs and at much shorter range too. Seems decent for mid-field support.

Conversion beam cannon - Considering that the farther away the target the harder this weapon hits, its for a back field armigar. Not bad IF you can get it at max range.

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So my Knight Paladin recently broke at the arm joint, and I repaired him by magnetizing his arms. He is now a possible Paladin, Crusader, or Warden. (Don't know how I want to play this yet. Also came up with a short for him. 

Knight Paladin (insert name) was a Freeblade due to the terrible happening of his House falling to Chaos. As pentice he went on a crusade to locate them and destroy the one that caused them to fall in the first place. In this he was finally successful at tracking them down at the edge of the Eastern Fringe while working jointly with Forge World Mjorn and House Fásacha. In his success he got offered a position in this House and his Injured Knight upgraded with superior Vox systems for his courageous fight Bringing down a Castellan and a Ravenger.

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Commissioned Art done by Artist Tim Remin based off my first tourney battle last year. Depicting the start of my story based off that tourney of Forgeworld Mjorn supported by House Fasacha versus the Chosen of the Forsworn Silver. The Tournament that spawned this thread when I was working out expanding my Knight Army. 



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