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Ishtarian Astra Militarum Works in progress and Finished Products

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A lot more incoming as I take proper Pictures. Please Comment and let me know what you guys think. 


 Edit: To Make this easier Tracking for me;



(Speculative Numbers based off last taken pictures and hopeful agreement with the community that look good for this. Question will remain how to squad them ad use them on the field.)

  • 3 Cadian Grenadiers
  • 1 Redeemed Grenadier
  • 1 Scion Grenadier
  • 13 Cadian Lasgun Infantry 
  • 8 Kreig Lasgun Infantry
  • 4 Catachan Lasgun Infantry 
  • 3 Hiver Autogun Infantry
  • 2 Hiver Jump Autogun Infantry
  • 10 Redeemed Autogun Infantry
  • 1 Cadian Heavy Bolter Team
  • 1 Cadian Mortar Team
  • 1 Cadian Plasma Gunner
  • 1 Krieg Plasma Gunner
  • 2 Cadian Snipers
  • 2 Catachan Snipers
  • 1 Redeemed Heavy Flamer
  • 3 Cadian Vox Operator
  • 1 Redeemed Sergeant
  • 1 Scion Commander
  • 1 Colonel Schaffer as a Sergeant
  • 1 Catachan Platoon Leader
  • 1 Catachan Company Commander
  • 1 Commissar Lord
  • 1 Catachan Sergeant - Sergeant Ripper (I think that's right)
  • 1 Company Commander Great Coat
  • 1 Cadian Sergeant
  • 2 Cadian Platoon Leader
  • 1 Scion Sergeant
  • 1 Krieg Sergeant
  • 1 Cadian Naval Liaison
  • 1 Catachan Artillery Liaison
  • 1 Commissar
  • 1 Catachan Medic
  • 1 Cadian Veteran/Bodyguard
  • 1 Catachan Veteran/Bodyguard
  • 1 Hiver Mechanicus Proxy of Oygrn Bodyguard
  • 1 Swamp World Primaris Psyker
  • 3 Redeemed Wyrdvane Psykers
  • 1 Techpriest Enginseer
  • 3 Flagbearers (2 Cadian, 1 Catachan)
  • 1 Banehammer
  • 1 Taurox
  • 1 Chimera
  • 1 Leman Russ Executioner (Tank Commander?)
  • 1 Scion Rough Rider Biker

They are supposed to represent a combination of:

  • Lunar Venatorii Cavalry Regiments (Elite Biker based Cavalry and Dragoon Infantry)
  • Arali Siege Sappers (Off brand Kriegers with Gang vibes)
  • Cogger Hive Guard (Brainwashed Mass Troops with a penchant for Autocannons, probably the Cadian Models)
  • Inanis Thrashers (Close Combat tunnel fighters)
  • Ishtar Rangers (Snipers and Scouts)
  • Sanguinum Bloodhounds (Swamp warfare Bodyguards)

Feral Primaris Psyker



Autogun Infantry


Commissar 1



Grenadier 1


Grenadier 2


Heavy Flamer Specialist



Lasgun Infantry 1



Grenadier Sergeant



Infantry Sergeant 1


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Autogun Infantry 2


Autogun Infantry 3


Autogun Sergeant


Autogun Infantry 4


Autogun Infantry 5


Grenadier 3




Laspistol Sergeant


Lasgun Veteran


One of my older Mass pictures


Different Mass Photo


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The choice of colors seem... off. I expected either bright, primary colors, as seen in historical military uniforms; olive drab and/or earth tones, as seen in contemporary camouflage uniforms. The use of dull pastel colors makes me wonder if they're hive gangers drafted into a PDF, or Chaos worshipers wearing whatever they can get their hands on- hell, I saw the eight-point Chaos Star on the Heavy Flamer Specialist's mask!

Nonetheless, I applaud your skills (which are above mine, due to my own inexperience) and efforts. I understand if you want these models to double as the Lost and the Damned; with the economy as it is, we all need to save money.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Still working on these guys but these combined is my Oygrn Bodyguard Count as. 

and as for the colors piece I chose randomly of the colors I had that would lend them to be used as Inquisition, IG, or Admech however I was feeling and they looked close enough. Also with the idea with a Night swamp coloration. But most honestly just what colors seemed not to hard to stick out on the board.


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6 hours ago, our_baz said:

I like what you've done so far. I think you could get a bit more depth from the  from the green and purple with a quick dry brush of a lighter shade used to made them pop.

Thanks for the suggestion, Do you have an idea of what color would go well as a dry brush? That is one technique that I struggle with a lot. (Probably struggle with a lot of them but that is mainly I stick with what I know at the moment. Experimenting a little at a time.)

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On 9/28/2022 at 4:58 PM, TechCaptain said:

Thanks for the suggestion, Do you have an idea of what color would go well as a dry brush? That is one technique that I struggle with a lot. (Probably struggle with a lot of them but that is mainly I stick with what I know at the moment. Experimenting a little at a time.)

Looking at the purple (GW) Genestealer Purple would be my guess. For the green without knowing your base colour i would suggest either (GW) Sybarite Green or Gauss Blaster Green.

I'm a dry brush convert use it for all edge highlighting these days. Good video I've watched is this from Table Top Minions https://youtu.be/1LMjHjzuUEM

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  • 1 month later...

A current work in progress. Also I tried that dry brushing and broke one guys handle/hilt. Glued it back and held off for a bit. Also if I took new sets of pictures of them in squads or what not think you guys can help me organize them into a playable army?



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On 11/6/2022 at 4:17 PM, TechCaptain said:

Also if I took new sets of pictures of them in squads or what not think you guys can help me organize them into a playable army?


Sure where's the pics? Although might be a bit of a stab in the dark without the new codex seeing as much seems to be changing with our troops. 

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The start of a series of pictures to get a better idea of what is in mostly ready state. I know several needs basing. That is coming up in the next while.


Cadian Special Weapons Squad - Grenadier




(Mixed Models that need possible spots to be used in Identified.)




- Cadian and Catachan (I figure using these to be the Special Weapon trooper either, in a full squad or Special weapon squads, likely need to make one more of each for that. 



Command Team Support 

Medic/Veteran/Vox Operator/Veteran/Vox Operator - ????




Commissar/Platoon Leader/Artillery Liaison/Naval Liaison/Kreig Sergeant



Commanders Continued
Scion Sergeant/Cadian Sergeant/Platoon Leader/Company Commander/Catachan Sergeant



Commanders Continued 2

Commissar Lord/Company Commander/Platoon Leader/Sergeant/Scion Commander


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Cadian Heavy Weapons



Techpriest Enginseer
Hope he is still in the Codex but with the Admech upgrade. Love him fixing the Vehicles.



Cadian/Wyrdvane Psykers/Primaris Psyker/Oygrn Bodyguard






Mixed 2

Cadian Sergeant?/Hiver/Heavy Flamer/Cadian Vox Operator/Cadian Grenadier?/Cadian Plasma Gunner



Cadian Infantry Squad




I don't have enough maybe vet squad. 






Krieg Infantry Squad w/ Plasma Gunner



Hivers w/ Sergeant


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Doing the Pictures and adding the count in the first post has help me organize a bit of what is battle ready. I have a lot fewer Cadians done than I once did. And my army is not as impressive as it use to be.  I have several things still on my Table for Astra Militarum of Ishtarian Subsector so maybe it will help buff up some areas if they need it. Now this can help focus my future purchases. 

What I am currently seeing as likely Units and what they represent. (Point cost and everything else is mainly in the air until I have the new Codex.) [Several not listed as they don't fit into any squads that I can see. another point of help I need. ]

Cogger Hive Guard Mechanized Infantry Regiment  (Cadian) - Assign the Chimera to these guys

  • 1 Grenadier Squad (3 Infantry, 3 Grenade Launchers)
  • 1 Sniper Squad (3 Infantry, 2 Snipers, 1 Sergeant)
  • 1 Lasgun Infantry Squad with Heavy Bolter Team (1 Sergeant, 1 Heavy Bolter Team, 1 Vox Operator, 6 Infantry)
  • 1 Command Squad (1 Plasma Gunner, 1 Veteran, 1 Vox Operator, 1 Infantry, 1 Flagbearer)
  • 1 Company Commander 
  • 2 Platoon Leader
  • 1 Naval Liaison

Arali Siege Sapper Infantry Regiment  (Krieg)

  • 1 Lasgun Infantry Squad (1 Sergeant, 8 Infantry, 1 Plasma Gunner)

Inanis Thrasher Infantry Regiment (Redeemed/Hiver)

  • 1 Autogun Infantry Squad (1 Sergeant, 8 Redeemed/Hiver, 1 Redeemed Grenadier)
  • 1 Wyrdvane Psyker Squad (3 Psykers)

Lunar Venatorii Dragoon Regiment (Scion) - Banehammer

  • 1 Scion Commander

Sanguinum Bloodhound Regiment (Catachans/Redeemed) - Use Taurox here

  • 1 Primaris Psyker
  • 1 Platoon Leader
  • 1 Company Commander
  • 1 Infantry Squad (1 Sergeant, 8 Infantry, 1 flamer)
  • 1 Artillery Liaison


  • 1 Oygrn Bodyguard
  • 1 Commissar Lord
  • 1 Commissar
  • 1 Techpriest Enginseer
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