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Does infantry heavy work for competitive lists?

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The question is in the title. I know we are waiting for a new codex on this one. But I'd like to prepare some in the mean time. Infantry seems like a good place where painting can take a long time. I like lots of them but I doubt it's competitive. 

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Not really at least right now.  Damage is good on paper but in game it is hard to focus fire that many models if the table is not bare.  Dying fast is a bad attribute so board presence evaporates quickly especially vs strong melee.  Actually vs any decent melee at all.  Worst part is the games often go long as buckets of dice get rolled for a wound here and there (yay armour of contempt). GW seems to be leaning away from large model counts so I would be surprised if horde play gets a big bump in the incoming codex.  I would wait for said codex before making any big purchases. 

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