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Casualty phase

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I mentioned this in the 10th Ed wishlist thread but a casualty phase.

the actions taken during a turn are theoretically happening simultaneously, therefore it doesn’t make sense to immediately remove models that go to 0 wounds.


so to better represent the simultaneous activity I came up with the idea of the wound phase.

all wounds are counted during the shoot and fight phases, but the models stay on the table.

the wound phase is the last phase of a turn after the morale phase. This is the phase where models are removed and in the case of vehicles with degrading profiles the phase where the profile degrades.

a solution that provides both sides an opportunity to use all of their models, and gives both players turn 1 alpha strike capability.

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I actually tried this in a recent apocalypse style HH game - there's a huge, huge second turn advantage if you only remove casualties after both players each get a turn - basically player 1 doesnt get to use models again after player 2 kills them, while player 2 does. Maybe if it was in an end phase or something after each individual players turn, so both sides get one more turn from killed models?

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