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3k Black Reaving

Uberlord Gendo

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Currently thinking through the basic unit choices, but the rough list is:

Praetor with Jump Pack

Master of Signals



5 man Justaerin

Contemptor Dred

10 man vets in a Drop Pod, Shotguns and banestrikes with a few PWs

3 Apothecaries, 2 with Jump Packs


2x 10 man Reaver Aggressor (artificer on the Chieftain, a vexilia, and some scattered melee weapons)

10 man tactical squad with chain bayonets


2 Sabers

2x 5 man Seekers with Krakens


2 Sicarans


This all comes out to about 2900, giving me wiggle room on exactly how many special weapons go where, but the thing I want input on is the overall design of the list. My thinking is that I want to lean into the Deep Strike Black Reaving incentivizes and the to do that, I'm thinking a squad of Justaerin and two Reavers should do the job nicely. The vet squad is mostly there as a means to bring a drop pod so I can abuse the Inertial Guidance system. The Dreadnought, Tac Squad, Seekers, and tanks provide board presence until the deep strike, but I can see replacing the vets with a dread and a dread drop pod, which would potentially allow for a 20 man tactical squad. I'd love to fit more tanks in there (or a Spartan), but I don't think that's productive.

What do you guys think? Too much invested in the Deep Strike? Something better to bring?



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