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2k BA To Learn

The Unseen

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So, trying to get people playing Heresy, and been trying to come up with a quasi casual list, no Rite, just with as much stuff as I already have painted and/or is very cool about the Heresy. (Leviathan with assault cannon nipples, Tactical Squads with bayonets) Eventually this skeleton is going to become 3k with DoR, but massed deep strike assaults do not seem like the way to ease into playing effectively old school 40k for a lot of the newer players in my local area.

And I'm stumped on what to spend the last 300ish pts on.

++ Crusade Force Organisation Chart (LA -  IX: Blood Angels) [1,714Pts] ++

+ Expanded Army Lists +

Expanded Army List Profiles:: Exemplary Units On, Legacy Units On

+ Allegiance: +

  IX: Blood Angels

Allegiance: Loyalist

+ Rite of War: +

Rite of War

+ HQ: +

Centurion [145Pts]: Chaplain
. Chaplain: Artificer Armour, Bolt Pistol, Thunder Hammer, Warhawk Jump Pack

Dominion Zephon [185Pts]

+ Elites: +

Apothecarion Detachment [70Pts]
. Apothecary: Bolt Pistol, Power Armour, Warhawk Jump Pack
. . Power Weapon: Power Sword

Dawnbreaker Cohort [150Pts]
. Dawnbreaker Champion: Falling-Star Power Spear
. 4x Dawnbreaker w/ Falling-Star Power Spear: 4x Artificer Armour, 4x Falling-Star Power Spear, 4x Frag Grenades, 4x Grenade Discharger, 4x Krak Grenades, 4x Warhawk Jump Pack

The Angel's Tears [175Pts]: Meltabombs
. Arch-Erelim: Axe Of Perdition, Power Armour, Volkite Serpenta, Volkite Serpenta
. Erelim: Volkite Serpenta
. Erelim: Volkite Serpenta
. Erelim: Volkite Serpenta
. Erelim: Volkite Serpenta

+ Troops: +

Assault Squad [240Pts]
. 0) Legion Assault Sergeant: Artificer Armour, Bolt Pistol
. . Power Weapon: Power Sword
. 11x 1) Legionary w/ Chainsword/Bolt Pistol: 11x Bolt Pistol, 11x Chainsword
. 2) Legionary w/ Options: Bolt Pistol, Power Axe
. 2) Legionary w/ Options: Bolt Pistol, Power Axe
. 2) Legionary w/ Options: Bolt Pistol, Power Axe

Reconnaissance Squad [145Pts]
. 0) Legion Recon Sergeant: Bolt Pistol, Nemesis Bolter
. 1) Recon Legionary: Augury Scanner, Bolt Pistol, Nemesis Bolter
. 1) Recon Legionary: Bolt Pistol, Nemesis Bolter
. 1) Recon Legionary: Bolt Pistol, Nemesis Bolter
. 1) Recon Legionary: Bolt Pistol, Nemesis Bolter

Tactical Squad [184Pts]
. 0) Legion Tactical Sergeant: Artificer Armour, Bolt Pistol, Bolter
. . Power Weapon: Power Sword
. 8x 1) Legionaries w/ Bolter, Bolt Pistol, Bayonet: 8x Bayonet, 8x Bolt Pistol, 8x Bolter
. 2) Legionaries w/ Options: Bayonet, Bolt Pistol, Bolter, Legion Vexilla
. Rhino Transport: Dozer Blade, Legion Rhino Transport, Searchlights

+ Fast Attack: +

Xiphon Interceptor [105Pts]

+ Heavy Support: +

Leviathan Dreadnought Talon [315Pts]
. Leviathan: 2x Illastus assault cannons, Leviathan Siege Claw, Leviathan Storm Cannon

++ Total: [1,714Pts] ++

Zephon because the new model is sick, a chaplain both for flavor and to give the large assault squad rerolls and fearless, some volkite goodness for Zephons squad, 5 dawnbreakers (I only have 5, need to buy another set), recon marines because I A. Just painted up a squad of them to use as Eliminators, and B. Because pinning seems really valuable, and a hold the line style Tactical Squad in a rhino, a Xiphon so I have some hope of killing vehicles, and a full dakka Leviathan because it's both awesome looking (and how it's modeled, though I do have the melta lance cause it's magnetized)

What should I add to this for a *fair* list to play against?

The most competitive option is probably find the pts for 2 contemptors, but I doubt that'd be much fun.

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So this doesn't look like a good list to teach learning games with. I would revise the list to the AoD box for teaching purposes especially if you are trying to build everything up, and then once you have your established core players bring the forgeworld and other specific units.

For the last 300 points you could run a second Levi, bring a support squad, or bring a terminator variant.

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19 minutes ago, The Unseen said:

What about it is bad for first hh 2.0 games? Most of the other locals are going to be running stuff built out of the boxset, so I figured mirror matches would be less preferred than some variety

There's nothing wrong with the list per say. But for teaching games it is much better to mirror match rather than bringing specialized units that others may not yet have access to. Forgeworld specific units may give your opponent pause when they are much more limited in what they can bring. 

For teaching I have found that my legion specific units are much stronger than what comes directly from the AoD box and has felt like it gives me an unfair advantage. So I've built lists without those units for teaching games. An example is my Mor'Deythan and Dark Furies. If I bring Deliverers i make sure my opponent has at least 2 WS 5+ units. They are all absolutely brutal to 90% of the AoD box set...even with specialist upgrades. These are just my experiences. Now that my group has started buying primarchs and forge world specialists it isn't as big of a deal. But for newbies I keep it simple.

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Ahh, I see

Most of the people interested are new to HH/ older 40k, but a lot of them have contemptors, terminators, fw tanks, etc. They just have them for 40k, so their options aren't as limited, just they haven't ever played 7th ed 40k or HH, or if they have its been a long time.

I know one guy is just waiting for Custodes to get rules, he has a ton, doesn't like playing as marines but loves killing them.

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