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Ebon Chalice vehicle colors

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I know I asked about the Ebon Chalice and the vehicle colors a while back during 7th edition.  I am curious if GW has updated anything regarding this order in terms of the vehicles.  All I have is a picture of a blood red tank on one of the Lexicons showing a rhino named Repenta that is blood red.

After sitting on several boxes of the new sisters for about a year or so now.  I want to go again with the 2nd Ebon Chalice colors.  I really dig those, going to go with the slightly more updated look that GW presented with 8th and 9th as I didn't care for or agree with the red light on the breast plates from 2nd.  

I did find a single picture in the 9th codex that I think is representing Ebon Chalice and a single rhino.  It looks like the hull and secondary are all black.  I may go with that, and I do think the red tanks looked great alongside the models using Ebon Chalice colors as long as decorations and weapons, are kept uniform in look.  I did get a lot of questions on why red and not black.  I know they are my own models, and I am just curious as what's the official lore on the tanks for Ebon Chalice.  Any help be great, thank you all and hopefully I can update my blog post as how the new army goes.

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I may go with all black for the tank.  Seeing as that's about the only recent update I did find.  I did paint the red strips down the breast plate also like Agnis.  It just feels wrong to me now.  I did end up selling my metal army off back around when the pandemic started.  I had gone with blood red tanks-based off the one rhino picture I had found around 2015/2016 time frame.

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