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1500 Iron Hands 'Highlander'

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This will be my next week list vs my friend's Thousand Sons.  Not sure what he's bringing this time, but he's got some tanks (Sicaran, Spartan) and he didn't use them last time, so I imagine he'll bring that this time, plus some terminators.  Got some speed this time, and some more potent shooting.  (don't have my Scorpius tanks ready yet, oh well).  IH doesn't have great ROW so I just went without one to fit in the Moritat and give him a try.  Hopefully the IH -1 to enemy shooty Str vs non-vehicles will help my survival rate a bit more than my last game using Raven Guard.

Iron Hands

Primary Detachment: 


95 HQ1: Chaplain (Warlord: Stoic Defender)

 60 Legion Centurion

 20 Warhawk Jumppack

 15 Power weapon (maul)


135 HQ2: Forgelord

 60 Legion Centurion

 40 Forgelord Consul

 15 Cyber Familiar

 20 Spatha Combat Bike


165 HQ3: Moritat

 60 Legion Centurion

 45 Moritat Consul

 20 Warhawk Jumppack

 40 2 Disintegrator Pistols


135 Troops 1: Tactical Squad

 35 Rhino (dedicated transport)


253 Troops 2: Legion Assault Squad 

145 10 Assault Marines

108 +9 Assault Marines


 60 Elites 1: Apothecarion Detachment

 45 1 Apothecary

 15 1 Warhawk jumppack


125 Fast Attack 1: Sabre Strike Squadron

 80 1 Sabre Strike Tank

 20 Neutron blaster

 25 Multimelta


105 Fast Attack 2: Javelin Squadron

 90 Legion Javelin

  5 2 Lascannons

 10 Multimelta


130 Fast Attack 3: Outriders

 85 3 Outriders

 45 3 twin-linked meltaguns


295 Heavy 1: Leviathan Dreadnought

270 Leviathan Dreadnought

  5 1 Leviathan siege-drill and in-built meltagun

 20 Phosphex discharger


1498 Total 

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Why are you taking Disintegrator Pistols on your Moritat?  You will kill yourself instead of giving the love with Grav pistol upgrade to the duel plasma option..

You seem to be taking the Iron Father on a bikee to go with your Outriders?  big points to sit in Reserve waiting for them to come on... and then your opponent will know to put a hard counter  near the reserve token when he does arrive.

Not sure you need 3 HQ at 1500pts.  Perhaps ditch the Iron Father at this points level as he is 270pts and perhaps take a Dready instead and another tac squad.  Does your existing tac squad have CCWs or Sgt in Arty Armour and a fist?  What about upgrades for the Sgt in your Assault Squad?

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Oh yeah, I forgot about the Grav Pistols!  Those would be better (as much as disintegrating his Terminators or Dreadnoughts would please me :)

I was actually taking the biker-Forgelord to sort of stay with the Leviathan until a good juicy target emerges to burst forward with the Outriders, since they're fast.  I would probably Outflank the Javelin if anything since it could anti-grav over terrain if needed.  But now that you mention the Iron Father I think chopping off his torso/top and magnetizing is a good idea, as I don't think Iron Fathers have to be on foot don't they?  

Perhaps I'll borrow something from my Iron Warriors instead of taking the Forgelord.  Just thought he was cool but I agree it's a big point-sink for a 2 wound unit.  Hmmm, I could take a Box-Dreadnought for that.......

My tac squad is barebones w bolters.  I should definitely take some power weapons in my assault squad.  Time to revamp a bit!

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