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Space Marine Chapter Creator Script

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Hey guys,

Pretty sure this is the appropriate place to post this.
If not, I :cuss:ed up, and the Arbites will retroactively rule me a suicide per Inquisitorial mandate following my disappearance.

Anyway, I recently finished work on a Python script that generates randomised space marine Chapters.
Frankly, it's nothing fancy, and the code itself probably isn't particularly elegant, but it works. It even has a part that works, but I have no idea why. Making a wild guess that the machine spirit is responsible, and I must have done something to placate it.

Anyway, initially I just made it for myself, but I eventually decided to have a go at sharing it with the rest of the 40k community, on the off chance that someone out there might be interested in something like this. It's rudimentary stuff, it just spits out a .txt file with a bunch of information about YOUR GUYS™ - founding date, combat doctrine, mutations, organisation, that sorta stuff.

Use should be fairly straight-forward, especially if you consult the readme.


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