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Use 32mm bases if bigger than bases in GW box


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I might have made a mistake.  I ordered some bulk bases.  32mm.   Like $8 for 100.  Thought I'd work on bases for next phase of models.

Then I checked the bases that came with the box of models and the bases are smaller.  25mm probably?  I just didn't notice.   The 32mm size was somehow in my memory and I went with it.


What's the rule on changing the base size from what came in the box?   Can we do that?  Or should I go find exact-same-size bases?


What's the technical rule on base sizes? 


Caveat:  No intention of playing in a sanctioned or otherwise "official competitive" environment.  If I ever did play a game, it'd be in a LGS casual.


I just don't want to bring them out and get the head shake.


So the question is:  If the bases in the box are smaller than the bases I want to use (or could use), may I use the larger base?   I googled around and it looks like there is no rule, unless I'm misreading the web pages.


Thanks for the help.



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What's the kit? The Space Marine Tactical Squad was originally supplied on 25mm bases back when the "Jez Goodwin" plastic kit was introduced in 3rd Edition. When the Mk IV kit was introduced alongside Betrayal at Calth, they were supplied on 32mm bases. The current Tactical Squad iteration of it looks like it uses 32mm, but I can't remember when the change-over happened.

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That's correct, there is no longer a rule in 40k which governs base sizes.


When such a rule did exist, it was just "use the bases the models were supplied with", which wasn't concrete anyway as different iterations of the same unit might have been on different base sizes over the years. (For example, plastic Terminators on 40mm bases and old metal Terminators on 25mm bases were both "legal"). Competitive scenes usually dictate what the correct base size is, but for casual gaming I doubt anybody would mind much; go with whatever you think looks coolest.


I think a bigger base looks better on the smallest models; personally I use 32mm bases for all my Aeldari and Drukhari models, which are "officially" on either 25mm or 28.5mm bases. Similarly I dislike having similarly-sized models in the same army on different size bases, so my Sororitas Arco-Flagellants and Repentia are on 32mm like their power-armoured colleagues, rather than the 25mm and 28.5mm bases they come with. I've also started my Guard-sized infantry on 28.5mm bases rather than 25mm, and would do the same with Tau Fire Warriors, Chaos Cultists etc.

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